How to Make a Cucumber Face Mask

By keeping some basic guidelines in mind, you can learn how to make a cucumber face mask. While the pulp of the cucumber can provide a great deal of moisture, the skin of the cucumber acts as an exfoliate. This great face mask is not only highly effective, but it can also help to save you lots of hard earned money!

Start With High-Quality Cucumbers

Aside from bones and fat, your body is composed almost primarily of water. Therefore, it is no surprise that cucumbers, which are very high in water, can be used to make a great, high-quality face mask. Since the water content of the cucumbers is one of the reasons why they make such a great mask, it is important that you find fresh, high-quality cucumbers in order to achieve optimal results. Head to the produce section of your local grocery store, and look for cucumbers that are firm and have dark green, waxy skins. These skins should appear taut and should not be wrinkly or dried out.

Prepare the Cucumbers

Once you have actually purchased the cucumbers, you must go home and prepare them properly. Start by using a sharp vegetable peeler to remove the outer skin of the cucumber, but do not discard it. Instead, place it in a separate bowl for later use. Cut the cucumber into thin, evenly sized slices. Carefully place the cucumber slices into a food processor, and mix thoroughly. Remove the cucumber pulp from the blender. Next, place in to the skin of the cucumber that was removed earlier. Use short bursts of the food processor to chop the cucumber skin into small pieces. However, the cucumber skin should not be made into a paste.

Prepare the Cucumber Face Mask

Now it is time to combine the ingredients to make the mask. Start by combining the cucumber pulp and skin in a large bowl. You should be able to feel the “grains” of the cucumber skin in this mixture. Add a small amount of lavender or citrus oil to the face mask to give the mixture a refreshing fragrance and help moisturize the skin. Allow the mixture to sit in the bowl for at least five minutes, so that all of the ingredients have an opportunity to mesh with each other.

Apply the Cucumber Face Mask

Finally, you must apply the cucumber face mask. Start by using a clean washcloth to wash your face. Ideally, at this point you should use very warm water in order to open the pores in your skin. Carefully apply the cucumber face mask and let it rest on the skin for at least ten minutes. After the time has passed, carefully remove the face mask and discard in the garbage. To rinse your face, this time use cold water. This will help to seal your pores, thereby trapping in the moisture that was provided to your face from the face mask.


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