How to Make a Coffee Face Scrub

While most people consider coffee a product to be used only in our breakfast drinks, it also has several important beauty benefits. When made properly, coffee works great as a face scrub. Here’s how to select the right type of coffee for use in a face scrub, and how to combine it in order to achieve optimal results. Try it out today!

Select the Right Kind of Coffee

The most important step in making a coffee face scrub involves choosing the right kind of coffee. For best results, consider grinding your own coffee. Your can typically find whole coffee beans at grocery stores or coffee shops. When grinding your own coffee beans, make sure to avoid grinding them to a powder. This makes the coffee granules too fine, and eliminates the benefit otherwise achieved through the use of a facial scrub. If you decide to purchase coffee that has been pre-ground, try to find a mix that isn’t too fine. This will just dissolve in the liquid of the scrub, leaving you with a sticky, gooey mess.

Create the Face Scrub

To create a great coffee face scrub, combine two to three tablespoons of the ground coffee of your choice with a quarter of a cup olive oil or mashed avocado. If you use avocado, you will have to add enough water to give the scrub a slightly thinner texture – typically, a tablespoon or so will be enough. Thoroughly combine all ingredients. If you desire, you can add a small amount of the essential oil of your choice to create a pleasant aroma. However, this scrub works just as good without any extra aroma. After all, most people enjoy the smell of coffee any time of day!

Apply the Face Scrub

Before applying the coffee face scrub, thoroughly wash and dry your face. Run some hot water over a clean washcloth, and wet your face. Rub a small amount of high quality facial cleaner into the skin, and rinse off with the same clean washcloth. After all makeup and dirt has been removed from your face, begin applying the face scrub. Put a small amount of the scrub into one hand, and begin to gently massage it into the skin of your face. Be sure to use gentle pressure at first so as not to damage the skin. Increase the pressure as tolerated, covering all areas of your face.

After the entire face has been massaged with the coffee face scrub, begin to carefully remove the product. Use a damp clean cloth to wipe off the scrub. Be sure not to get any of the product into the eyes or mouth. If there is any remaining coffee face scrub, you may want to consider storing it for future use. Place it in a clean, airtight storage container, and refrigerated for up to one month. Be sure to check the coffee face scrub for signs of decay before each use.


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