How to Make a Coffee Face Mask

Many have never imagined you could use coffee on your face. Caffeine products have now been accepted as great skin care products. Using a homemade facial product can be just as effective as using high priced store brands. To make this mask, you will use products you have in the house. If you have problems with your skin, you may be able to use a homemade face mask to clear them right up. This mask is great for any skin type. The next time you have a girl’s night, try using this recipe for everyone to have a special facial at home.

Recipe for a Coffee Face Mask

To make a coffee mask you will mix used coffee grounds with a cup of milk. After your morning coffee, save the grounds for making the mask. You will need three tablespoons of used finely ground coffee and a small glass of milk. Place the grounds in a bowl and begin to mix it with the milk. Don’t make it too runny, because then it won’t stick to your face. Once it gets to a thick consistency, put the mask onto your face and neck. Be sure to avoid the eyes and lips when applying this mask. Massage it in and leave it on for 20 minutes, then rinse. When you’re washing the mask off, work it into your skin – but not too hard in case you have sensitive skin. Pat your face dry and apply a moisturizer. This helps to seal in the moisture so your face doesn’t feel dry. This will leave you feeling refreshed and your skin will glow. Remember to be gentle and not rub the coffee grounds in too hard when scrubbing your face. This could cause irritation to your sensitive skin.

Benefits of a Coffee Mask

Many people have tried these masks and have seen the benefits. From clear skin to skin that seems to glow, these truly have become a great new way to cleanse your face. Adding egg whites to mixture helps to exfoliate your face. This can leave your face feeling smooth and tight. When choosing your coffee grounds, go with fresh organic blends. The organic blends have natural oils in them that will help to get your skin clean.

Making a coffee mask is a simple way to get that extra clean glowing feel to your skin. It is great for anyone to use and has helped clear up problem areas. The nice coffee aroma sticks around for a while, too. Remember to save the coffee grounds from your next morning coffee pot and use them to have a luxurious, quick, homemade mask.


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