How to Make a Chocolate Milk Protein Drink

Choosing the ingredients to make a chocolate milk drink with protein offers several options, though really, only two are absolutely necessary: chocolate milk and a protein substance. However, chocolate milk combined with different flavored protein powder supplements along with peanut butter, fresh or frozen fruits, and other ingredients provide those who are looking to lose weight and gain muscle a healthy meal replacement and a great post workout option.

The Process

After selecting the simple base ingredients of chocolate milk and a protein supplement of choice, the next step involves the physical mixing process. Protein supplements which come in powder form are often fast dissolving, easy to mix substances. Therefore, by adding a serving of the protein powder along with a cup of milk into some sort of bottle with a lid, one can shake the mixture until the desired thickness becomes reached. By adding more chocolate milk and less protein, the drink will lack thickness, and the opposite will leave the mixture thicker.

The Ingredients

Protein powder supplements are offered in several flavors, including the traditional chocolate and vanilla choices. Chocolate milk has a naturally sweet taste, but by adding more flavor with one of the protein supplements available at most nutrition and pharmaceutical stores, several different drink styles may be created. Over time, standard recipes for protein drinks, commonly referred to as shakes, have surfaced. Doing a search through nutrition books may lead to new ideas and personal discoveries for the perfect chocolate milk protein drink.

Quick Tips and Ideas

Try the basic combination of chocolate milk plus a chocolate flavored protein powder. Try adding peanut butter to that basic mixture after it becomes old or too boring. Experiment with different flavored protein powders, or add a fresh flavor by using the blender for a chocolate milk, chocolate protein, frozen strawberry, and ice shake. For those who are on strict diets, this one could turn out tasting like an ice cream flurry.


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