How to Maintain Your Weight after Reaching Your Goal Weight

Losing weight is a hard task and working to maintain weight loss can be just as tough. To lose weight, the current lifestyle will need to be changed. The foods that were eaten will have to be changed and the amount of exercise in the day or week will have to be increased.  When the weight is off and the target weight is reached, the task of how to maintain that weight loss begins. Without a plan or strategy, there is a risk of gaining the weight back. Maintaining weight is about finding the right balance of calories and exercise and it may take a few weeks to find the perfect balance.

Reaching the Goal

To reach any weight loss goal, the amount of calories taken in needs to be lower than the amount that is burned. To do this, calories need to be tracked and exercise needs to be done. As the weight decreases, the amount of calories decreases to continue the weight loss process. Once the target weight is reached, a new goal of maintaining and calorie adjustment begins. 

How to Maintain

When the target weight is reached, continue with the current eating and exercise routine for one week. At the end of that week, weigh yourself and see the results.  Most likely the number will have gone down since the current routine is designed for weight loss.  If the number is reduced, calories will need to be added back. Start with adding back 250 calories. This would mean that if you are taking in 1600 calories a day, bump that number up to 1850. If the number on the scale has gone up, the amount of calories will need to be reduced. Again, start with 250. If the number is the same, you may have found the right balance. Weigh again in a week to be sure.

With the new calorie count, add that to the current exercise program and continue this routine for another week. At the end of that week, weight yourself again. If the number has moved up or down, the calories will need to again be adjusted. This week try adjusting by 100 calories. If the number has not changed, continue with the current plan. The process may take a few more weeks to find the right balance. Keep changing the calorie count as necessary needed until the magic number is found.

Once the right calorie count is found, continue the eating and exercise schedule with those numbers and weigh yourself every week to be sure you really are maintaining. If there is a week where the number increases or decreases, make the necessary adjustment and weigh again. 

Maintaining a target weight is an ongoing process and there will be bumps in the road. Life will get in the way. There will be parties, events, birthdays and celebrations that happen and you may get off track for a bit. By doing a weekly weigh in and staying focused on where you want to be, the necessary adjustments can be made and the correct track can be found again.


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