How To Lose Your Baby Weight In 4 Steps

If you’re a woman who is expecting or thinking of having a baby, you may be wondering about how to lose baby weight after the birth. Babies are always blessings, but your post-baby body frequently isn’t, and new mothers can be upset to learn that “baby fat” doesn’t always refer to fat on the baby! After having a baby, your metabolism could be in the dumps and you’re often too tired to feel like you can do anything about it.

Instead of succumbing to despair and resigning yourself to a life of extra-large T-shirts, you should be encouraged. Light cardio work and healthy eating, among other things, can help you lose belly weight faster than you thought. You don’t need a personal trainer and chef like Hollywood’s elite; just follow these 4 steps and you’ll lose your baby weight in no time!

Step 1: Breastfeed

Breastfeeding is wonderful for your baby and for you as well. Many people are aware that breast milk is the perfect food for babies, unmatched by any formula alternatives. However, not everyone is aware that breastfeeding burns a lot of calories and is healthy for the mother as well. On average, you can expect to burn around 500 calories daily just by breastfeeding your newborn – that’s equivalent to a good hour of vigorous exercise!

Step 2: Eat Right

Again, what’s good for your baby is good for you. Take care of your little one by eating plenty of healthy foods and cutting out processed sugars and trans fats, and you’ll be doing yourself a favor as well. A healthy diet is essential to losing weight any time, and post-baby weight is no exception.

Step 3: Exercise When Able

Understandably, taking care of a baby leaves you with little, if any, free time to spend exercising. Even if the baby takes regular naps, you can’t exactly leave him or her home alone while you head to the gym. With easy and affordable at-home exercises like skipping rope or running stairs, you won’t have to. At-home cardio or aerobics exercises can be done whenever you have free time, and they will help you quickly trim fat from your entire body.

Step 4: Don’t Overdo It!

Just taking care of a baby can be exhausting, especially in the first few months. It’s important to not overwork yourself by trying to drop weight too fast or by exercising too hard. In the first month to two months, your body will still be trying to recover from the process of giving birth, so exercising too strenuously can cause a whole host of problems. Rest assured that you’re burning plenty of calories just by breastfeeding, and don’t push yourself to exhaustion.

By following these 4 steps, you’ll be able to lose your baby weight in a way that’s beneficial to both yourself and your baby. Careful eating and exercise can bring you back to the height of health, and give you an enviable post-baby body.


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