How to Lose Weight with Ankle Weights

Ankle weights are currently a popular fitness tool that you can use to make your exercise routine more effective. Even everyday activities like walking or hiking can be made more intense simply by using ankle weights. Read on to learn more about how you can lose weight with these fitness gadgets.

Buying Ankle Weights

It’s best to choose ankle weights that are adjustable so you can change the weight amount according to your needs. Most ankle weights will let you adjust the weight in increments of half a pound. When shopping for ankle weights, you might also want to consider where you will be using them. For instance, if you travel for work a lot and you don’t want to miss out on your workout, you might prefer to buy ankle weights that use water. These weights can be emptied out so you can conveniently pack them in your briefcase.

Walking with Ankle Weights

Walking is probably the simplest exercise that you can perform with ankle weights. When you use ankle weights right, you can make your walking routine more challenging and lose more weight in the process. When using ankle weights for walking, remember that you are doing a cardiovascular exercise and not a strength training one. This means that you should not use weights that are too heavy. Instead, you can intensify your workout by walking at an incline. Walk up a flight of stairs or along an uphill road to make your walking routine tougher. If you start feeling any pain or discomfort around your calves or shins, it means you’re wearing the wrong type of ankle weights. When you attach the weights, make sure that they are also wrapped snugly around your ankles. Attaching them too loose can cause them to interfere with your walking.

Other Exercises with Ankle Weights

There are many kinds of exercises that you can do if you wish to lose weight with ankle weights. One exercise is the jumping drill. Jumping drills are exercises that can strengthen the muscles of your calves. To do this exercise, you attach the weights on your ankles and then jump in place as high as you can. Three cycles of 20 jumps each should boost your calf muscle strength and get your heart rate going.

If losing weight around your hips and thighs is your objective, you can do side leg lifts with ankle weights. Start by lying on your left side, making sure that you support your weight with your left arm. Make sure that your right leg is lying on top of your left leg. Slowly lift your right leg up while making sure that the toes are pointing away from you. Do three sets of 15 lifts on each leg.


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