How to Lose Weight Using a Treadmill

It is so easy to lose weight on a treadmill because the legs muscles – one of the largest in the body – undergoes a workout. When large muscles are worked regularly, they burn calories and grow stronger.

The Effectiveness

The treadmill is so easy to use. Home bought treadmills often have a timer and they will state the distance that has been traveled on the front panel of the machine. Treadmills at the gym are far more complex and offer a more motivating workout. Specialized heart rate sensors allow you to find out whether you are working in the fat burning or cardiovascular zone during your workout. Some treadmills also have a variety of workouts e.g. hill workouts, personal trainer, fat burning etc. to motivate you to try something new.

Dependent on the speed of your walk, expect to burn around 100 calories per mile. The more you weigh, the more you will burn overall. The faster you walk, the more calories will be burnt. It is important to try to keep at a pace that leaves you slightly out of breath, but you should still be able to engage in conversation with another individual.


The treadmill is a perfect way to lose weight because of its simplicity. If you struggle to get the machine to work at the gym, ask a member of staff for help. One of the best exercises – especially if you are new to fitness – is basic walking. Pull in the abdominals, throw the shoulders back, and walk at a pace in which you feel comfortable. If treadmill walking is performed consistently, you will feel definite improvements in your breathing and walking pace. The benefits of walking include:

  • Heightened metabolism, even after exercise has been performed;
  • Lower blood pressure naturally; and
  • Toned legs, buttocks, and abdomen.

Too Much?

Do not try to do too much too soon either, especially if you are new to exercise. A treadmill is perfect for running – especially when the weather outside is wet or windy – but walking is just as beneficial. Interval training is a perfect workout to use with the treadmill to lose weight. Try to start off with walking at 3 mph. for 1 to 2 minutes, and then increase the pace to work the heart. After a minute return to the slower pace. Beginners that use a treadmill should not use interval training in the first instance, as it can be difficult to maintain and can even put some individuals off long-term fitness.

Fitness always builds when an exercise is performed consistently. The treadmill is the perfect way to lose excess pounds from all over the body. If you are joining the gym on your own, invest in an MP3 player. Music is extremely motivating and can push your mind to new boundaries.


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