How to Lose Weight Using a Stairmaster

A Stairmaster is a great machine for losing weight, since it targets the largest muscle group which is your legs. By developing more muscle in your lower body, this in turn will cause the body to burn more calories. You will find this exercise equipment in most gyms because it’s one of the most popular for cardiovascular training.

What is a Stairmaster?

The Stairmaster is a piece of exercise equipment that emulates climbing stairs. This stimulates the force the stairs and gravity would exert on you as you climb an actual staircase. There are various intensity levels in order for you to get the maximum benefits out of your workout. Even though this is considered a cardiovascular machine it can also tone and build muscle in the lower body. The two types of Stairmasters are stepping machines and those equipped with revolving stairs. The revolving Stairmaster is similar to walking up and down an escalator, because the stairs keep rotating repetitively. The stepping Stairmaster consists of stepping on two adjacent pedals at alternate intervals that simulate climbing a flight of stairs. The stepping machine overshadows the rotating machine making it popular amongst fitness enthusiast and gyms.

Why is a Stairmaster Effective?

The Stairmaster is effective because it improves muscular conditioning in your legs. Muscle in your lower body will result in more calories being burned since it’s the largest muscle group. This in turn will give you a toned and leaner look.

Also, for those who are willing to be part of a great workout, climbing stairs or using a Stairmaster can provide a great way to lose weight. It’s much like swimming because climbing stairs is both an anaerobic and aerobic workout. It’s anaerobic because as you lift your weight with each step you take, you will be utilizing your quadriceps and calf muscles. You normally don’t use one leg to lift your whole body, so in essence your leg is being challenged to carry twice what it usually has to. Resistance can be further added by making manual adjustments to some Stairmasters that have that capability.

The machine provides an aerobic workout if you continue with the activity over an extended period of time. You may end up struggling to keep up and your cardiovascular system will benefit from being challenged. Both of these add up to providing a great way to lose weight.

You can find a Stairmaster in most gyms or you can even buy one to put in your home. It’s more convenient than climbing up and down real stairs for an extended period of time. Since you’ll be more or less stationary you will be able to watch a movie or read a book while using the machine. This is actually a big added benefit because there isn’t a whole lot of variety to climbing up and down stairs the traditional way.

By adding a Stairmaster to your exercise regimen you can enjoy all the benefits of climbing stairs without any of the drawbacks.


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