How to Lose Weight Fast with Aquatic Exercise

Aquatic exercise is perhaps one of the best ways to achieve full-body strength and loose weight quickly. Not only are aquatic exercise techniques easy on the body’s joints, they are also fun and relaxing. This helps to keep those seeking weight loss interested and dedicated to their exercise regimen.

Overview of Aquatic Exercise

In order to fully understand the weight loss benefits of aquatic exercise, you need to understand its techniques and why it is one of the most effective methods for quick weight loss.

Simply stated, aquatic exercise is exercise that is performed in water. Water creates natural resistance, which allows pressure on the joints and muscles to be displaced by the water. While the resistance of water makes this a low-impact exercise activity, resistance also helps to strengthen and build muscle. Because muscle naturally burns fat, this is the key elements to an aquatic exercise weight loss program.

Although aquatic exercise has been used a great deal by the medical community for rehabilitation patients who lack the strength to tolerate standard impact activity, the benefits of aquatic exercise are becoming more commonplace in both the medical and public communities.

Water Walking

One of the best aquatic exercises to begin with is water walking. With this technique, you want to make sure that the water is about waist high. Then, you can start by walking from one end of the pool to the other, being sure to keep your back straight and your arms moving from front to back just as you would normally do when walking. Because this is a basic aquatic exercise, it is a good place to start for people who are new to aquatic exercise. Water walking assists in the weight loss process by strengthening some of the key areas of your body, including the shoulders, arms, abdomen, upper legs and back.


Another aquatic exercise that may help induce quick weight loss is kickboarding. With this exercise, you will place your arms and upper torso on the kickboard. Then, you will paddle around the pool using only your legs. Again, the resistance of the water acts against the motion of your legs, so your lower body will be receiving most of the impact from this exercise.

Resistance Exercises

Some aquatic exercise activities don’t require anything more than the water. You will simply use your body against water’s natural resistance to trim and strengthen your areas of concern. One technique that you can try is marching in place. During this exercise, you will start from a standing position with your legs together. You will then bring your left knee up at a 90-degree angle and release it back down. Then, repeat with the right leg.

On a similar note, try starting from the same standing position, but this time bring your left leg out to the side and then back to center, working both your inner and outer thigh. Repeat with your right leg. The thigh area is always a major concern for those looking to lose weight, so this is a good aquatic exercise to incorporate for weight loss purposes.


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  • Sadim

    yah, swimming is most joyful and also helpful for quick weight losses ..thanks for the post…but dear can you plz wrote abut the substitute of swimming for those who hv highly cool session almost, the are unable to swim ….thanks ,,,

  • Cheryl Elaine Martinez

    I joined our Y recently. Most all gyms and Y’s will let you try it once with a guest pass to see if you like it. I found a great swimsuit for my overweight self. Had not had a suit on in 33 years! Catherines on line. Anyway I went fo rhte guest pass at 5:30 am – only two others in pool! Yay! I didn’t swim. I walked in the water holding on to the side first day. I scissor kicked holding on to the side. I did leg lifts holding on to the side. You get the idea. ALSO saw the next days many older ladies in there doing same. AND some came in their shorts and t shirts! They showered first before got in pool. A mistake I made was ordering equipment. Turned out the Y had all the pool exercise equipment there to use free. Sent mine back, thank you AMAZON. Lost 45 pounds exercising and eating four times a day + yogurt or fruit snack. Mainly protein first like beans which I love, etc. GOOD LUCK!!! What ever you decide to do. I am 62 and crippled up with arthritis and car accident. I am doing it everyday and seeing toning and results.

  • MichelleP12

    I go to a local water park and walk laps in its “lazy river.” It is 3’9″ deep and 800′ around. About 7x around is a mile, 13x is 2 miles. I try to do the 2 miles as fast as I can, every day. I am 48 and weigh a few lbs over 200…been trying to lose weight for years. I have exercise-induced asthma. Although on my first day at the water park, I parked very close, I was breathing very hard after a short walk to check in. Walking in water daily, I have a bit better ability to breathe. It’s only been 3 weeks and I really see a difference! Much moreso than 2+ yrs at a gym. For my weight, water walking burns just about 700 cal/hr according to So cool!

    I also coordinate with my diet by using the My Fitness Pal app.