How to Lose 20lbs with Beach Towel Exercises

You don’t have to belong to a gym to lose weight–you can lose twenty pounds at home with just the use of your beach towel! Keep reading to discover how to lose weight and keep it off with beach towel exercises.

Find Exercises You Enjoy Doing

The first step in losing twenty pounds with beach towel exercises involves finding exercises that you actually enjoy doing. Often times, people will do exercises that their friends tell them about that have helped the friend lose weight–or they see something that is supposed to be effective for weight loss on television. And, while these exercises are supposedly extremely effective, the person trying to lose weight can’t stand performing them. Therefore, eventually they perform the exercises less and less often, until the exercise routine is abandoned altogether.

In order to lose twenty pounds with beach towel exercises, it is essential that you find something to do that you actually enjoy doing. This can vary from yoga stretches, such as down dog, to light strength training exercises, such as situps or pushups. No matter what type of exercise you choose, make sure that it is something that you believe you would feel comfortable doing every day.

Do the Exercises on a Daily Basis

Next, in order to achieve optimal results, it is essential that you perform the exercises regularly. If you are just starting out on an exercise routine, doing the exercises two to three times per week is enough to get you into the habit of exercise. This will ensure that you will not only begin to see some changes in your weight, but will also improve both your health and the quality of your life.

As you become more and more experienced as an exerciser, it is essential that you begin to increase the number of days that you exercise. Start by adding one day per month. If you start by exercising twice a week for the first month, by month six you should be up to exercising all seven days of the week. The US Surgeon General has found that exercising at least thirty minutes every day is essential for both weight loss and optimal health.

Keep a Record of Changes

In order to ensure that you reach your goal of losing twenty pounds with beach towel exercises, it is essential that you keep a record book of the exercises you are doing, what types of foods you are eating and your current weight status. Having these items listed down in a book will not only encourage you to keep up the hard work, but will also provide you with some insight if you are having difficulty either losing weight or maintaining the weight loss. For example, maybe you lost ten pounds in the first month, but now have gained them all back. You might look in your book and notice that you ate out several times in the past month. Therefore, keeping a detailed record of your journey to the ideal weight is essential for optimal weight loss.


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