How to Lose 20 Pounds by Walking

Walking is very important when trying to lose weight. You can easily lose 20 pounds by adding walking as a daily exercise to your routine. Some people have reported eating fewer calories and having more energy from walking every day. The more that you walk, the faster you will see results. So by incorporating walking into your daily routine, you not only burn calories but you assist in preventing more pounds being added on.

A Good Pace?

Walking at a very fast pace is the best way to get those 20 pounds off as quickly as possible. To get the best results from walking, you need to get your target heart rate up, which will increase the fat burning potential. This will help you be on your way to your weight loss goals. If you’re slightly out of breath, then you’re walking at a good enough pace. You should not push yourself too hard, but you cannot walk too slowly or you will not see results.  Make sure that you have good walking shoes that will support the arch in your feet and prevent damage to your legs.

Keep to a Routine

Having a consistent routine will also help you to achieve your goals. You should walk at least 30 minutes per day. You should also try to walk at least 4 or more days a week at the same time.  You are more likely to stick to the routine if it is done at the same time. The more you walk, the faster you will walk away those 20 pounds. By sticking to this routine, you will burn more fat and at a faster rate. Keep in mind that you are not simply walking away pounds you are walking your way to a healthy heart as well.

Make Walking Fun

Walking is a fun activity to do to drop weight. You can find a buddy to walk with you to make it more fun. Set a schedule with her and stick to it. And, don’t give up if you are not seeing immediate results. It takes time.

Develop a Good Diet Plan

You should also start yourself on a good diet plan. By restricting your calories and walking, you should easily be able to walk off those 20 pounds. The more dedicated you are to diet and exercise, the better your results will be. Your diet should be rich in vitamins, fiber, and protein. Avoid foods with excessive oils and fats; these factors contribute to weight gain.

Stay Hydrated

Be sure to take a bottle of water along with you. Staying hydrated is a key to losing those 20 pounds. If you are not hydrated properly, then your body will not work like it should. This will hinder your results dramatically. Try drinking plenty of water before you start walking. Take your water with you and take sips whenever your mouth becomes dry. Don’t drink too much however, as this can cause cramping.


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