How to Lose 20 lbs Walking

Walking is a beneficial exercise that is very useful for weight loss. You can lose 20 pounds walking by following these easy guidelines.

Wear a Pedometer

A pedometer will give you a different perspective of your walking routine, and it allows you to include your entire day’s steps as part of your workout. Attach the pedometer to your belt or waistband above your hip for the most accurate reading. Wear it all day, and aim for a final count of 2,000 steps by the time you take it off before bed. You may find yourself taking longer routes just to make the numbers on the pedometer stretch a little higher.

Carry Dumbbells or use Wrist Weights

This forces your body to use more energy during your workout, which will then prompt your metabolism to burn calories more efficiently. Stop occasionally to add arm exercises to your routine, such as tricep extensions or lateral raises. You will begin to tone your entire body and burn fat at the same time.

Interval Training

Interval training mixes short bursts of higher intensity periods and slower recovery times. Your intervals may be comprised of speed, inclines, or both. After your warm up, walk at a pace that keeps your heart rate accelerated. After 5 minutes, increase your speed to the point where it is much harder for you to breathe. Stay at that speed for 1 minute, then decrease back to your original speed to recover. After 2 minutes, increase your speed again, or try tackling a higher incline. These alternating intervals help to build your lung strength and endurance.

Take 40-Minute Walks Each Day

This will not only aid you in your weight loss goals, but it will improve your overall health. Daily exercise has been shown to lower risk of heart disease, diabetes, and stroke. Exercise also releases endorphins, which help you to stay happier and keep a sunnier outlook on life.

Stay Motivated

If your daily walk seems to lose its charm, try to spice it up a bit to keep it interesting. Try a new path. Invest in some new tunes to listen to as you exercise. Buy yourself a comfortable pair of exercise shoes. Join a walking group, or ask a friend to walk with you. Add extra toning exercises at various points of your workout. Don’t let yourself become distracted by doing the same routine every day. One of the best advantages of walking is that it is easy and available, and almost anyone can do it. You just have to keep yourself motivated.

Eat a Well-Balanced Diet

Exercise is wonderful, and it is absolutely necessary for your 20 pound weight loss, but you also have to eat well. Eating the right foods will keep your body functioning at its best so that you can make the most of your walking routine. Center your diet around fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and lean protein. You will feel satisfied, and they will keep you fueled for your next workout. A well-balanced diet will also help the weight to come off even more quickly, making your road to success that much smoother.


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