How to Lose 20 lbs Belly Dancing

Belly dancing is a form of dance that can lead to a great exercise routine to help keep the body in shape. It is possible to lose 20 lbs by participating in a belly dancing routine, but other points must also be considered to help make your weight loss goals a success. In order to lose weight, healthy eating choices and exercise always come into play. The positive aspect of belly dancing is that it’s captivating and fun, feeling less like work and more like play. When you learn the proper moves and become involved in the music, time will pass, you will have burned many calories and worked several muscle groups in the body. Couple this with healthier eating choices and your enjoyable pastime can lead to a shapelier body and a solid and consistent cardiovascular workout.

Learning Belly Dancing

There are several ways by which you can learn the moves necessary to become skilled at belly dancing. If you’re interested in pursuing this hobby for the purpose of losing weight, you’ll want to get serious and treat it like a workout. Belly dancing not only involves particular movements of the belly and hips, but it also includes hand, finger and shoulder movements as well. This can help to get the entire body involved in a cardiovascular workout, but if too much time is spent on learning particular finger moves, you may lose valuable exercise time. Depending upon how passionate you are about this form of dance, you may wish to join classes at a local establishment, purchase bellydance videos or DVDs or simply put your own moves together at home. Many tips, video clips and free informational sources are available online to help an aspiring belly dancer learn the moves that are most beneficial, no matter what your goals.

Weight Loss and Belly Dancing

Because belly dancing involves most of the body, treating it as a serious exercise routine can benefit your health in many ways. As long as you participate in the movements for at least 20 minutes to get your heart rate up, you’ll benefit from increased cardiovascular health. Focus placed on certain movements, such as with the hips, belly or arms, can significantly increase muscle tone in those areas. Anytime you exercise your body on a consistent basis, you’ll find that it will respond by slimming down and shaping up. The biggest benefit of choosing belly dancing for this purpose is that it tends to be enjoyable, considering the source. Dancing and music are great for improving both physical and mental health. You may find it to be so enjoyable that an hour has passed before you realize it, and this may be more exciting for you than running, walking on a treadmill or following a half-hour aerobic routine in your living room. Add improved food choices along with belly dancing and you’ll have created a new hobby that brings pleasure, enjoyment, health and revitalization into your life.


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