How to Lose 10lbs with Beach Towel Exercises

The beach towel exercises are a great way to tone your body, get in shape and lose weight. Beach towel exercises sound like they’d be done at the beach, however, you can do them in the comfort of your own home if you’d prefer. There are a few exercises to this routine that will help you lose weight.

Moving Tree

This particular exercise will work your glutes, your upper back and your core. To do this routine, you need to stand on one foot while placing the other foot against your inner thigh or your shin if that is easier for you. Take the towel in both of your hands and hold it above your head. Using your shoulder blades, you’ll then want to pull the towel tight. Be careful to keep your balance as you begin to tilt your body up and to the right. You’ll want to maintain this pose for about thirty seconds before switching to the other foot and doing the exercise again.

Tip Toe Runs

This is an exercise that will work your calves, quads, core and your heart. To begin, place your towel on the ground in front of you. Rise up on your toes and run back and forth across the towel. Begin this workout with your right food leading, then switch to your left foot thirty seconds in.

Triceps Pulse

This is an exercise that will work your back and your triceps. To do this routine, hold the towel with both hands behind your back. Move your waist forward, but try to keep your back flat by squeezing your shoulder blades. Next, you’ll want to squeeze your arms tightly and lift the towel up in brief increments.

Hippity Hop

This exercise will work your heart, your core and your outer thighs. To start, place your towel out in front of you vertically. Place your feet tightly together, bend your knees and swing your arms in a backward motion. When your arms swing forward, hop onto the towel. You should try to land toe to heel.

Other Tips

This workout routine can be done anywhere, but most people prefer doing it in an area where they can place their towel on sand. The sand offers extra resistance and requires that you put more energy into the workout, therefore getting stronger results and burning more calories.

This is also a routine that you can do as much – or as little – as you want. The more often you do it, the better you will become at it and the more results you are likely to see. It’s great to get your heart-rate up and keep it up as it burns more calories, but be certain not to overdo it.

And, of course, always be sure to stretch properly before beginning any exercise. Stop if any of the routines cause you pain and try to pair this routine with a healthy diet that will not only give you the energy you need, but help you in your quest to lose weight.


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