How to Lose 10 lbs with Water Aerobics

Water aerobics is a great activity that allows you to lose weight, tone your muscles, and improve your cardiovascular system without experiencing any of the side effects associated with weight bearing activity. In order to achieve optimal results, follow the steps below.

Find a Great Instructor

One of the most important factors that will result in a 10 pound weight loss through participation in water aerobics is finding a great instructor. A skilled water aerobics instructor can not only provide you with the tools necessary to perform the aerobics properly, but can also give you tips and guidance about how to progress the exercises, what to do in case of injury, and other types of useful information. Ideally, this instructor should be a real certified aerobics instructor who you can talk with on a regular basis.

Speak with some friends, family members and swimming enthusiasts. Tell them you are interested in learning how to properly perform water aerobics. Ideally, one of these people will be able to make a great recommendation. If you are not able to find any great instructors through contacts or simply through trial and error by visiting local gyms, try out a few water aerobics video tapes. Though you won’t necessarily be able to talk to these instructors on a daily basis, chances are that there will be a phone number or email address where you can contact the instructor with questions or comments.

Exercise Daily

Once you have mastered the basics of water aerobics, it is important to do the aerobics on a daily basis in order to achieve optimal results. According to the US Surgeon General, in order to lose and maintain a weight loss, you must exercise for at least 60 minutes 5 days a week. Try to create a schedule of your day, and plan the water aerobics into this schedule. You may find that if you do not have an idea of when you will exercise on any given day, the chances that you actually will exercise decrease dramatically.

Track Your Results

Next, be sure to track your results in order to lose 10 pounds with water aerobics. This means not only writing down how much you weigh on any given day, but also when and how much exercise you performed, as well as a detailed description of what you ate on that particular day. Having a written record of this will allow you to go back and review your week. You may have lost only one pound instead of your usual two. By looking back, chances are that you will recognize a significant change in your diet or exercise pattern.


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