How to Lose 10 lbs by Participating in Fitness Cycling

No matter if you have 10 or 100 pounds to lose, fitness cycling may be the perfect type of physical activity to help you lose those unwanted pounds. Be sure to talk with your doctor before starting the exercise, and find a great instructor.

Talk with Your Doctor

Before starting any new type of exercise program, it is essential that you talk with your doctor, nurse or another health care professional to make sure that you’re healthy enough to begin this type of workout. While most health care professionals will strongly encourage participation in physical activity, there are certain tests that they may want to perform in order to ensure that you are up to the challenge of fitness cycling. Be sure to be as honest with your health care team as possible when discussing this issue. Tell them about your exercise plans, as well as any history you may have had with physical activity.

Find a Great Instructor

It is essential that you find a great instructor in order to achieve optimal results with your fitness cycling. A great instructor will not only teach you some of the basics of cycling, but can also teach you how to adjust the bike so that it fits you perfectly. It is not essential that you spend the rest of your life exercising with the same fitness cycling instructor. It is important, however, that you learn the fundamentals of the activity from someone who has experience in the area. Talk to your friends, family members and cycling enthusiasts. Tell them you are interested in learning more about fitness cycling, and are looking for a great instructor. As with your doctors, be sure to be honest with these people about your fitness and skill level in order to find an instructor that will be best for you.

Cycle on a Regular Basis

In order to lose 10 pounds with fitness cycling, it is essential that you cycle on a regular basis. While this may seem like an obvious aspect of the activity, it’s easy to skip a day or two of exercise, which will soon turn into a week or even months. For best weight loss results, try to cycle for at least 30 minutes five days a week. Try to schedule time each day that is reserved for exercise.

Set Goals, and Reward Yourself

In order to lose 10 pounds with fitness cycling, it is important that you set smaller, more reachable goals for yourself, and reward yourself when you achieve these goals. Start by saying that you will exercise five days a week. Once you actually do this, buy yourself a manicure, a new workout outfit or another small gift. Now, set a goal to lose one pound. Again, once you lose the weight, be sure to reward yourself. Research has found that this is the best way to reach long term goals.


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