How to Lose 10 lbs Belly Dancing

Belly dancing is just as effective at helping you lose weight as walking or running. In fact, it is a fun way to get a cardio workout in several times per week to lose inches and keep them off. Learning a few smooth moves and putting them together with music is an option, but there are many workout DVDs that can offer you an opportunity to learn what belly dancing is all about while losing those last 10 pounds.

Going Solo

If you want to learn some basic moves and put together your own belly dancing workout, it simply takes a little know how and a lot of creativity. There are some basic moves every beginning belly dancer should practice until they are perfected. This will make the world of belly dancing more fun. One such move is the belly roll. It can take quite a bit of practice in order to become comfortable with this move. Stand straight with feet about a foot apart and pointed forward, back stretched into the sky and arms by your sides.

Next you will want to push your hips to the right side while keeping both feet firmly on the ground, and roll the hips around in a big circle again, while both feet are planted on the ground. This will result in a natural movement in the knees in order to keep the feet from lifting off the floor.

Belly Dancing DVDs

Belly dance workouts can be purchased at any DVD store. It is a good idea to start off using beginner DVDs, but keep in mind that once you get the hang of the dances you will probably want to move forward to challenge yourself pretty quickly. General belly dancing DVDs that do not indicate the difficulty level are great for long term use for beginners who want to challenge themselves, and for experienced belly dancers who would like to get a workout in but take it a bit easy.

Using Websites

There are many websites on the Internet that provide step-by-step directions for performing specific belly dancing moves. However, not all of them are accurate. Because of this it’s important to take the time to make sure the information you are getting is correct. A good way to do this is by comparing the information that you get on one website with other different websites. By cross referencing the material you can make sure that the information that you are getting is correct.

In the end, putting together a belly dancing regimen to use a few times a week will help you drop those 10 pounds before you know it. As long as you stick with a healthy eating plan, you should see dramatic changes within the first two weeks!


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