How to Look Thinner in a Bikini

It’s that time of the year again when people swap their sweater and pants for a bikini and a summer dress. For people who have less than perfect body, it is always a source of concern on how to look thinner in a bikini. Look, being the operative word, means you don’t actually have to be thin to look thin. Try out these ideas, and you can look slim and sexy in your new bikini just in time for summer.

A Good Fit

When picking out bikinis, make sure you pick the ones that are just your size–not too big and not too small. Trying to fit in a smaller size than you usually take is a disaster in the making. You’ll end up with unsightly bulges that are anything but flattering.

Solid Colors and Small Prints

Although bright colors are summer colors, it is still better to hold off buying bright colored bikinis and opt for dark colored ones instead. Solid black, dark blue and brown colors in your bikini can make you appear thinner.  If you can’t resist and want to wear bright, fun colors, you can purchase a bikini with a light top and a dark bottom. Light bikini tops will draw attention to your face instead of your body. Dark bikini bottom, on the other hand will make your hips and butt appear smaller.

Shy away from swimsuits with big prints; they don’t do too well when it comes to camouflaging size and shape. Instead, opt for dainty prints; they are more flattering and can make you look both slim and sexy.

Have a Little Fun

Tanning tends to help fair-skinned people look slimmer. So, before you hit the beach and flaunt your body in your new bikini, get a little sun on you. You can soak in the sun’s rays in the comfort of your own backyard. Just don’t forget to put on some sunscreen! You want to look thin and not burnt. If you don’t have a space to do your tanning, you can just visit your local tanning salon to get an artificial tan, or buy one of those commercial tanning lotions.

Be Confident

Love your body; appreciate it; and derive confidence from it. Your confidence level has an effect on your posture. When you love your body, you’ll be able to stand tall and walk tall. Stomach in, chest out—is a great way to create an illusion of thinness. A slouched position gives way to love handles and bulges in the tummy area. By throwing your shoulders back a little, putting your chest forward and controlling the muscles in your tummy, you’ll appear taller and leaner.

With the right bikini, healthy tan and a confident attitude, you’re guaranteed to be the belle of the beach. In fact, you might have difficulty choosing which among your besotted admirers you’ll allow to buy you summer drinks!



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