How to Look Good on a Budget

Just because you’re on a budget doesn’t mean you can’t look amazing. There’s a common misconception that spending a massive amount of money is the only way to look as good as possible. But, in fact, money has nothing to do with it. Looking good is all about carrying yourself with confidence, which is easy to do once you feel put-together and radiant. Ready to start looking your best with little or no budget? Follow these tips to become the best possible you.

Use a Body Lotion With Self Tanner

It’s no secret that having sun kissed skin makes most people look more radiant–and thinner. However, tanning in any form, be it in a booth or by laying out in the sun can damage your skin. Get a nice summer glow without the harmful side effects by purchasing a tinted daily use body lotion. You won’t have to worry about the streaks that are common with straight up self tanning lotion. The color will appear more gradually and will look natural. You can buy the lotion at your local drug store for less than $10.

Paint Your Nails

No matter what you’re wearing, having your nails painted automatically makes you look more pulled together. You don’t have to pay for professional manicures. Pick up a few shades of nail polish and do your nails on your own. It’s an inexpensive way to look your best.

Look to Your Kitchen

There’s no need to shell out money for expensive hair products and fancy lotions. You can find things that do the trick just as well by looking to your refrigerator and pantry. For instance, you can use mayonnaise as a deep conditioner for your hair, which will save you $20 or better over salon products. For a simple face mask, mix ground oatmeal, plain organic yogurt and honey together for a mask that’s good for all skin types. Since these are things likely to already be in your kitchen, you’re essentially not spending any extra money. Search the Internet for other simple DIY beauty products you can concoct from your kitchen.

Strategically Build Your Wardrobe

When you’re on a budget, you should keep a running list of wardrobe items you need versus ones you want. Start with the basics and avoid anything too trendy. You can find great clothing for next to nothing on the clearance rack at Target. Also check out your local TJ Maxx or Marshall’s. The clearance racks are loaded with fantastic deals.

If you simply want to update your wardrobe a little, look to accessories like belts, tights and jewelry. These items are generally less expensive and you will get more wear for your hard earned money. Plus, they will make you look fabulous! And by all means, throw anything out of your closet that looks worn out or old.

Being on a budget doesn’t mean forgoing style and beauty. Be creative in looking for new and simple ways to look and feel beautiful.


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