How to Keep Hot Chocolate Milk Healthy

Hot chocolate milk is a tasty treat. But can it actually be good for you? Here are some tips for keeping hot chocolate milk healthy.

Think Skim

The best thing you can do to increase the healthiness of your hot chocolate milk is to use a skim milk version. An 8 oz glass of whole chocolate milk contains 210 calories, compared with 170 calories for the same amount made with 2% fat milk and 160 for a comparable glass of skim chocolate milk. Why waste 50 calories on fat when you can have a delicious glass of skim chocolate milk that will not taste noticeably different?

Make It Yourself

Another tip to make your hot chocolate milk healthier is to mix it yourself, rather than buying it ready made. The reasoning behind this is that you can control what type of chocolate you put in, and also the amount. Begin with skim milk, and then add a bit of cocoa powder (which is low in fat) or chocolate syrup. Taste, and if it’s not sufficiently chocolaty for you, add a bit more until you reach the ideal concentration.

This is an excellent plan for mixing hot chocolate milk for children as well, because you can “wean” them off of the rich, overly chocolaty versions often sold in stores.

Hot chocolate milk is delicious and can be healthy. It’s an excellent source of calcium, vitamin D and phosphorus. With a bit of effort, you can make healthy hot chocolate milk in your own kitchen.


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