How to Keep Active while Traveling

Staying active while traveling can be extremely difficult, especially if you do not have access to a gym facility or ample space for a good workout. It can often throw you off of your routine, making it difficult to regain momentum. If you do try to keep up your regimen, it becomes a hassle to not only pack your essentials, but also an entirely different set of clothing and equipment. Don’t fret! Utilizing a simple combination of creativity and motivation can have you saying goodbye to your traveling workout woes.

Modify Your Current Workout

Just because your environment changes doesn’t mean your workout has to. Plan ahead. Analyze the area in which you will be staying. Does it have just enough room to perform stretching exercises like yoga or Pilates? Is there a gym nearby that is accessible for you to use? Will the weather permit outdoor exercises like running? Does your hotel or housing unit have a pool available for your use? Understanding the environment you will be entering into will help you coordinate your traveling workouts with your normal workout.

Pull bits and pieces of your regular routine to fit your spacial and environmental needs. If you do not have access to a gym facility, do squats or wall-sits instead of using a weighted squat machine. The idea is to keep your body on the same exercise track as it would be on at home so that you don’t miss a beat.

Find Exercise Tools in Everyday Items

Since finding a weight room or gym that is free for you to use may not be an option, you need to get creative. If you are staying in a hotel, you can use a sturdy chair of a desk as a weighted item to work your arms, the bed as support for elevated push-ups and even the hotel pool to swim laps. If there are paths in the area, go for a refreshing outdoor jog around the premises while enjoying a little time to yourself. There are useful elements all around you–you just have to look for them!

Bring Your Own Equipment

Even the biggest optimist knows that there are just some areas and places that do not offer a lot of motivation when it comes to working out while traveling. Maybe your hotel has no pool or weight room and it is below zero outside. Perhaps your room is too small to accommodate the movements necessary to complete your routine. No matter the circumstances, there is always plan B: supply your own gear.

Elastic stretch bands and Pilates rings offer lots of resistance with little hassle when it comes to packing them. Because they are light and small, they can fit easily at the bottom of your travel bag. They also pack a big punch when it comes to your workout. You can use them for multiple exercises and are easy to use in small spaces.

Remember: your workout regimen doesn’t have to take a break even if your normal schedule does. As long as you plan ahead, you can have great workouts even while traveling!


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