How to Jump Rope with A Partner

Jump rope–the classic playground activity is also a fantastic way to burn calories and stay in shape. There are benefits to jumping rope with a partner. It can be more fun and challenging. Here are a few things to try when you’re jumping rope.

Jump Rope Partner Frog Hop

  • You will need two people for this exercise.
  • Determine who will jump rope and who will frog hop. It may be easier if the taller person is the jumper (or skipper) and the shorter person be the hopper.
  • Position the hopper directly in front of the skipper. The skipper should stand straight, knees shoulder-width apart holding the rope so the handles are in her hands with arms by her side and the rope behind the back. The hopper should be standing up face forward.
  • Start skipping to create a general rhythm for the hopper. It is easier if the hopper jumps in time with the skipper for a few beats to get acquainted with the rhythm and prepare for the hops. The skipper should create a slow and steady skipping rate for the hopper.
  • Allow the hopper to move to the right side of the skipper to prepare to go under the skipper’s right arm as the rope heads up into the air. The hopper should have her knees slightly bent and be ready to “hop” as soon as the timing is right. This is a quick motion and requires practice to perfect the timing of the jump.
  • Continue skipping in a slow and steady rhythm so the hopper can jump back in front of the skipper by jumping through the rope under her left arm. Ideally, one should complete the jump from right to left in the space of one beat. This will take time to perfect. The hopper can skip in time with the skipper until she is comfortable to make the return jump.
  • Repeat the last two steps as the hopper and the skipper keep pace creating circles of jumps and skips. The hopper should try to hop like a frog (stooping down with knees bent together, hopping off the pads of the feet) as she jumps. This will take practice.

Face-To-Face Jumping

  • Have two people facing one another. One person will be holding the rope in her hands.
  • Start turning the rope while both people are jumping at the same time.

Jumping Under the Rope

This one is a great activity if there are a lot of people who want to participate.

  • Have all but two people line up in front of the rope. The two people will be turning the rope while the others jump through it.
  • Have them listen for the rope to hit the ground.
  • When they are ready, have them jump into the turning rope, take 2 or 3 jumps, then jump out the other side of the rope. Then repeat with the rest of the people.

Jumping rope is a great exercise that can be incorporated with more than one person. This can be a fun activity for kids and adults of all ages.


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