How to Incorporate Weight Loss Meditation into your Diet

Weight loss meditation is a tool you can incorporate into a weight loss plan that can help to enhance your results by making the dieting process easier. The act of meditating can help to relieve the daily stresses of life.

Stress, in any form, such as conflict, money worries, or even maneuvering through heavy traffic can make sticking to a diet and exercise plan difficult. Many times, heavy levels of stress can cause people to feel helpless, and often, people will try to relieve this stress through comfort eating. Instead of comfort eating, form a new habit of comfort meditating.

Find a Quiet Place

A simple form of meditation can be done almost anywhere in order to help alleviate rising stress levels. Find a quiet and comfortable place to sit. Ideally, in your home you could designate a specific area to do your meditation practice, but because stress strikes at unexpected times, you will need to learn to get comfortable to meditate anywhere for 5 minutes or so. There may be occasions where you meditation area may have to be your office chair, the front seat of your car in a parking lot, or a public restroom stall.

Push Aside Distractions

To begin, push aside all distractions. Distractions may come in many forms, such as phone calls, thoughts of tasks you need to accomplish, or negative thoughts and emotions. Erase these thoughts from your consciousness and begin by breathing in and out slowly.  

Focus on Breathing and Positive Thoughts

Fill your lungs to their fullest capacity, then exhale completely. Aim for 6 seconds to inhale and 6 seconds to exhale. For a beginning practice, you’ll want to complete 20-30 repetitions of the inhale/exhale combination. As you meditate, keep your eyes closed and focus on something positive concerning your weight loss process and the goals you have set for yourself. If overeating is an issue, set aside a few moments before a meal to visualize yourself eating proper portion sizes at the meal.

If you tend to snack nonstop after a certain point in the evening, use your weight loss meditation time to envision yourself walking past your kitchen and occupying your time with something other than food. If you have trouble sticking to an exercise routine, set aside a meditation session each day to help focus on how excited you are to begin a workout session. You can also focus on how good you feel during exercise and how energized and relaxed you feel when your workout is over.

Post-Workout Meditation

You can also use weight loss meditation to cap off a workout session. You should use these moments to visualize the strength you’ve just gained and how your body is now burning off excess fat. The relaxation benefits of post-exercise meditation will become addictive, and when you look forward to your meditation session, you’ll be more excited to stick to your workout regime.

Regardless of how you tailor your weight loss meditation sessions, your ultimate goal is to focus on the future and visualize your positive results. Don’t focus on your worst or where you are now. Instead, use your imagination to look beyond today. Think about the future and where you want to be, and how you want to look, while doing your best to experience the emotion of how you will feel when you reach your goal.


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