How to Incorporate Exercise on Your Vacation

Are you wondering how to incorporate some exercise into your vacation? With a little motivation, it can be done. However, you may have to get creative.

Most of us lose ground on our diet or exercise program because we go on vacation. We eat out too much, eat the wrong things, and lounge around instead of exercising. Then, when we return home, it takes forever to get back on track. One way to counteract this is to make sure that you incorporate some exercise into your vacation. It will help keep your muscles working and help you burn off some of those excess calories.

Plan an Active Vacation

When planning your vacation, try to schedule some enjoyable physical activities such as hiking, skiing or dancing. These activities do not feel like a dreary exercise routine, but are actually fun. Provided that you do not overdo it, your body will thank you for not sitting around all day.

Hotel Facilities

If possible, try to find a hotel that has workout facilities. These days, since more people are becoming health conscious, it is a possibility that your hotel will have a workout room. This probability rises if the hotel is part of a large chain. If you are lucky enough to be in one of these hotels, your exercise routine will not have to suffer during your vacation.

If your hotel does not have a workout room, try to manage with what they have. If the hotel has a pool, you can workout and beat the summer heat at the same time. (Or if you’re taking a winter holiday, you can warm up in the pool.) Swimming laps is a very effective workout and it works the entire body if done correctly.

Walking is also a fabulous exercise. But if you don’t feel comfortable walking in a strange neighborhood, you may ask the hotel if they have a walking area or track. Some hotels in larger cities have a walking area on one of the roof levels. You can rise above the traffic and exhaust fumes, get some fresh air, and exercise at the same time.

Workout in Your Room

You can do a mini-workout in your hotel room any time you have a few available minutes. Instead of just sitting around, get up and move. You can do push-ups, jumping jacks or crunches without equipment. Additionally, you can also purchase some resistance bands that take up very little room in a suitcase, but can provide a good strengthening workout.

Daily Activities

You can also try simple tricks to be generally more active during vacation. If your hotel room is not on the ground floor, take the stairs instead of the elevator. If you plan to do some sight seeing, check into the possibility of walking instead of driving or taking a bus. These activities not only work your muscles but also your cardiovascular system, thus providing a double benefit.


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