How to Help Your Exercise Partner Lose Weight

The way that you support, motivate and encourage your exercise partner has a direct effect on their weight loss progress. Most people agree that having an exercise partner makes working out more tolerable, and even enjoyable for some. How can you help your exercise partner lose weight?


Together, sit down and write down what your original goals are. Does your partner simply want to lose weight or are they looking to decrease their body fat? Do they want to become stronger throughout their weight loss journey? Becoming aware of your exercise partner’s goals will allow you to focus on their needs and develop methods of showing your support.

Diet Plan

Carefully scrutinize your exercise partner’s diet. Are they over-eating or under-eating? Many dieters believe that if they skip meals, they will consume fewer calories leading to weight loss. This is simply not the case. How much protein is your partner consuming each day? Is the majority of their daily intake composed of high-calorie, fatty foods or does it appear that they select wise choices? Offer your partner suggestions for how they can incorporate healthy foods into their diet, resulting in weight loss.


Perhaps one of the most helpful parts of weight loss is that of accountability. Your weight loss partner will hold you accountable to hold them accountable. If you notice that your partner is cancelling workout appointments, get them back on track. When your exercise partner tells you they are making cookies for dessert, remind them of their ultimate goal. Record and monitor your partners weight loss by pounds, inches and body fat each week.

Exercise Workouts

Working out is always more pleasant when done with a supportive and encouraging partner. Tailor your exercise routine to include your partner. For example, a core exercise could be compromised of each of you standing on a BOSU balling, affecting your balance and thus, making you utilize your core muscles. While on the BOSU ball, pass an appropriately weighted medicine ball to one another, with arms raised above head. You can vary this by doing squats in between each pass. Make some of your workouts a competition, friendly of course. Have a jump rope contest and see who can jump rope the longest or see who can hold a floor plank for the longest. Not only will this provide a great workout, it will encourage you both to push yourself harder, doing things that you may not realize you can do.

Keep It Interesting

Rather than always working out the same way at the same place, vary your workout routine. Perhaps you will walk the neighborhood today, but tomorrow you will do resistance training at the gym with a focus on arms, chest and shoulders. Keep in mind that water aerobics, swimming, cycling, spin classes, yoga and other forms of group classes are available in many areas and make great additions to weekly exercise routines, providing a certain level of variety.


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