How to Give Yourself a Colonic Massage

A Colonic massage is a technique that is useful in keeping a regular flow in bowel movement. When food is broken down in the body, it passes through the colon as the last stage of digestion. The colon begins on the lower right side of the abdomen. It crosses the stomach and a longer portion of the colon drapes down the left side and connects to the rectum. The colon, if not cleansed, can began to back up. This can be extremely painful if the fecal matter is not able to pass through. A high fiber diet, plenty of water, and a Colonic massage can be a natural remedy for this.

Laying Down or Standing Up

A Colonic massage can be done lying down or standing up in the shower. When preformed in the shower, oil is not necessary, as the soap and water will allow for a nice massage motion to occur. When lying down, rub oil on your stomach, not a lot, just enough to allow for your hand to rub and massage without resistance.

Massage Techniques

With a closed fist, begin massaging (with the knuckles) on the right side of the abdomen and work clock wise up, across and down the left side in small circles. Take your time. There is no reason to run through the massage. Massage at least 1-2 minutes before moving to the next area. Pressure can be applied during the massage. How much pressure depends on the individual.

During your massage, pay close attention to any areas of tenderness. If pain is felt, ease up on the pressure being applied during the circular massage. If overbearing pain occurs, stop and consult a doctor.


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