How to Get a Good Exercise with a Trampoline

An exercise trampoline is a great way to get a good workout, burn fat and mix up your workout routine a bit. When you vary your workout routine, you confuse your body, and this makes it work harder and burn more calories. A trampoline is a full body workout, as you use your arms, shoulders and back for balance, while simultaneously using your lower body to jump. Plus, it is tons of fun. Get your family involved and jump together. Find the right exercise trampoline for you, and you’ll find yourself on the way to a trimmer, slimmer you.

Types of Trampolines

There are, of course, your basic giant yard trampolines that many families have, but you also need to consider the smaller exercise version available too.

  • Giant: A giant yard trampoline is great for high jumps and including your family or kids in your exercise method. Even unstructured jumping burns great calories and brings your family fitness routine together.
  • Square: Square trampolines are most used for gymnastics, but can be used in a yard in a similar fashion as a giant trampoline.
  • Mini: Mini trampolines are a personal size trampoline you can use on an individual basis. You probably had one as a kid. Since this style is smaller, the springs are tighter meaning you have to use more force to jump. This is great for exercising because it forces you to work harder and, thus, burn more calories.
  • Fitness: Fitness trampolines are a small, personal size, but many of them have a handle on them that allows you to work through specific movements, like jumping splits. You can always involve your upper body and arms more by supporting your body weight as part of strengthening intervals. This is also a good style if you are a beginner jumper as you’ll have the stability of a handle to help you balance.


Many personal and fitness trampolines come as a kit to give you a ready-made trampoline workout. Along with the fitness trampoline and handle, you’ll likely receive a DVD and instructions to give you specific movements to use in a more structured workout environment.


With the wide popularity of trampoline exercises, many fitness centers are including trampoline classes in their schedule. They provided the fitness trampoline and an instructor to put you through a tough workout. Take a water bottle and a towel, and you’ll leave with a tired body and new respect for the trampoline in your backyard.

Exercise with a trampoline is a great way to change up your workout or try something new to get you started. As with all new workouts, talk with your doctor to make sure your healthy enough for a trampoline workout. If you’re just getting back into working out, take it slow and let the instructor know so she can make sure you’re able to do the moves.


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