How to Find the Best Little Black Dress for Your Body Type

Everybody should own a little black dress, no matter their age or shape. Choosing the wrong type of dress, however, can end up accentuating all the wrong places rather than highlighting your best features. When it comes to buying a black dress, don’t worry too much about budget. You can find the right dress no matter how much (or little) you want to spend. Instead, spend time trying out different types and styles until you find the one that flatters your figure the best.

Bottom-Heavy Figure

If you tend to carry those extra pounds in your bottom half, look for a dress that disguises the hips. An empire waist or an A-line dress will do the trick nicely. You can also choose a dress that accentuates the upper body, taking the eyes away from the area that you want to hide. Choose a strapless dress or something with a deeper neck cut. Add a necklace to draw the eyes up and accentuate the neckline.

Plus Size

If you’re carrying a few extra pounds and want to disguise them, choose a black dress that is not too tight. Don’t go for something too big, though, or you might end up looking bigger under all the extra fabric. Get a dress with a bit of sleeve if you have thick or flabby arms. An empire waist dress is also a good option, as it hides the extra pounds and also avoids showing off things like a thick waist.

Boyish Figure

If you’re the thin, petite kind, go for a dress that hugs you. This way any curves you have will be highlighted. Choose a dress with a belt to create the illusion of a waist if you don’t have one. Don’t choose something too cutesy that might give you a too-girlish look. Avoid loose, flowing dresses. Your figure will get lost in them.

Top-Heavy Figure

V-necks and square necks are best for those with a full bust. Low cuts are too revealing and will draw attention to your upper body. Avoid fabrics that cling tightly to your body and instead go for more flowing materials. If you have the opposite problem, you can create the illusion of a larger chest by choosing a dress with ruffles or extra material in the upper half.

Be a Little Daring

When choosing a little black dress, pick one that is part sexy, part formal. Don’t go with a low neckline and a high leg cut but instead choose one or the other. If you pick a dress that uncovers your whole back, make sure the front is more conservative. Don’t go overboard with features, either. The best little black dress is simple, with maybe a detail here and there to disguise or highlight certain features. Unless you’re buying a designer dress, don’t spend a fortune. It’s better to have a dress that fits than one with a great label that fits you poorly.


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