How to Find Internal Motivation for Weight Loss

Many people do not realize the importance of motivation when it comes to undertaking a weight loss plan. If you are attempting to lose weight but find yourself dreading the diet and workout routines that you have to go through, then chances are you’re lacking the right motivation. Internal motivation is probably the best kind that can help you through your weight loss. No matter how much encouragement you receive from the outside, it still won’t be effective if you fail to believe that you can succeed. Here are some ways to help you find internal motivation for weight loss.

Know What You Want

The first step in establishing internal motivation is to clearly understand your goal. You know that you desire to lose weight, but you should not stop there. Know why you want to lose weight, and how weight loss relates to your bigger goals in life. For instance, you can tell yourself that you want to lose weight because you’re tired of having low self-esteem. Losing weight will help you regain your self-confidence so you can better handle the other areas of your life, such as looking for new employment, meeting new people or trying new sports.

Practice Positive Thinking

This piece of advice may be easier said than done, but with enough time and practice, you can succeed. A lot of people fail to lose weight because they go through their weight loss with a negative frame of mind. Instead of affirmations, their thoughts are usually full of negativity such as, “I’ll never be able to commit to regular exercise,” or “I can’t give up my favorite junk foods.” These negative thoughts can stand in the way of your weight loss.

Remind Yourself of the Benefits

Before you begin with your weight loss plan, write down the personal benefits that weight loss will bring you. This list should consist of all the good things that you can expect to gain once you’ve successfully lost weight. This could include things like being able to fit into the clothes you’ve always wanted to wear, being able to do more fun physical activities with your children, being able to have more protection against chronic diseases and such. Make several copies of this list and paste them around the house where you can easily see them. During those times when you feel yourself losing resolve, turn to the list so you can motivate yourself again.

Keep Track of Your Successes

Another way to keep your internal motivation going is to take note of your success. Keep a notebook or a calendar where you can keep track of your progress, no matter how little it is. For instance, if you’ve lost two pounds in two weeks or gone down a dress size in several days, write it down. Feel free to write down any improvements in your health as well, even those that are not necessarily related to weight. Do you feel more energetic throughout the day instead of tired, especially around midday? Is your complexion better because of the healthier foods that you’ve been eating? Taking note of these positive results can further motivate you to achieve your long-term goal.


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