How to Find Denim Skinny Jeans for Your Body Type

Denim skinny jeans are all the rage today. Simply flip through the pages of a magazine or tune in to your favorite celebrity news program and you will see supermodels and Hollywood stars sporting this popular cut of jeans. Aside from the fact that skinny jeans are flexible enough to be dressed up or dressed down, they can also make most outfits look hip and stylish. Here are some tips on how to choose the right denim skinny jeans for your body type.


Unless you have the figure of a supermodel (tall and slender) then you are probably wondering whether skinny jeans are the right style for you. If you’re petite and also slender then you’ll be glad to know that skinny jeans will also look flattering on you. In fact, there are now many types of skinny jeans that have been designed for shorter women. Choose dark-colored skinny jeans that show off your narrow hips and slender legs. You can also pair them with heels to give you added height. If you’re petite but you’re more on the curvy side, then skinny jeans might not be the best style of jeans for you. In order to balance wider hips, a pair of bootcut jeans might be a better option.

Boyish Figure

Skinny jeans are also the ideal cut for women who have boyish figures – a shape where the line or silhouette from shoulders to hips is straight. If you have this body shape then you should choose a pair of skinny jeans that have a tight fit around the ankle. This cut will put more emphasis on your hips and thighs, giving you a more balanced look. You should also choose skinny jeans with back pockets that are placed low. This will also make your buttocks appear round and full.

Apple Shape

The apple-shaped body type is generally characterized by extra weight in the middle section and slim legs. This extra weight may appear more obvious as you approach middle age. If your legs have remained slender and toned then you can probably still manage to pull off a pair of skinny jeans. However, you have to pay attention to how you wear your jeans since slim legs and a heavy mid-section can make you look ill-proportioned. Try pairing your skinny jeans with a loose top.


Since they highlight your thighs and buttocks, skinny jeans are not generally recommended if you are plus-sized or overweight. Instead of choosing a trendy pair of skinny jeans, opt for a classic bootcut pair. Bootcut jeans are the best choice for women who have fuller figures. The shape of the jeans takes away attention from your hips, mid-section and thighs. They also make your legs look more slender. When paired with heels or boots, they also give you added height which adds to the slimming effect.


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