How to Find a Weight Loss Support Group

If you’re looking to shed a few pounds, weight loss support groups can be an invaluable resource. If you have ever been on a diet, you know that having emotional support and encouragement is important when trying to lose weight.

Where to Find a Weight Loss Support Group

There are many places where you can find a support group to share your achievements and frustrations with. Often they are in obvious places that you simply didn’t think to look in.

The first place to look is the gym that you work out at. If there is no message board available, ask the receptionist if a support group exists and when they meet. The benefit of using a support group at your gym is that you may also find yourself some friends to work out with.

Another place to look is your workplace. People that work in an office environment get together for things like a group walk at lunchtime. Some workplaces even offer an exercise or weight loss program to their employees. 

If you participate in any type of group activity, try to find out whether they have a weight loss group. Sometimes church groups and volunteer organizations have fitness and weight loss groups already set up.

Finding the Right Weight Loss Support Group

Unfortunately, not all support groups encourage positive lifestyle changes and a healthy approach to losing weight. Here are a few tips to avoid these types of groups.

  • Some groups have a competitive element to them. This is good for some people and bad for others. What the members of these groups do is charge a small entry fee and the person who has lost the most weight at the end of the challenge wins the pot. If you are competitive this may help you. Others of course may be put off by the competition and give up.
  • Make sure that the group that you choose to participate in is losing weight in a healthy way. Be careful if the group is dedicated to a fad diet or an unhealthy lifestyle. Ideally, you will find a group that promotes proper nutrition and regular exercise.

If You Can’t Find a Weight Loss Support Group

If you can’t find a weight loss group in your area, there are still a couple of options available to you. You could make the use of online support groups. The benefit to this is that you will be able to find people that share similar weight loss goals. The other option is to create your own group. You can do this by encouraging your friends, family, neighbors and other people in your community to join the group.

  • Do not join a group unless you are serious about your participation. Other members will depend on you for motivation and moral support.
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