How to Find a Flattering Pair of Plus Size Shorts

You read that right, there is a flattering pair for plus size shorts out there just waiting for you. Here’s a quick step-by-step guide on finding the perfect pair of plus size shorts:

Step 1: Choose the Length of Your Shorts

Shorts are most flattering when they skim the knee or go lower, like capris. Straight-cut capris are good at deemphasizing the fullness of your legs and they look great with sandals that have a low heel.

If your legs are your assets, show them off by choosing a pair of shorts that are two inches above the knee or mid-thigh. Shorts of this length can be worn with sneakers or flip-flops for that casual vibe.

Step 2: Choose the Fabric

Denim is usually the go-to fabric for shorts. It is versatile, easy to wear and durable. Denim shorts that are folded at the ends are hot to trot out with too.

Once you have a pair of denim shorts, do not be afraid to try other fabrics depending on your need or the season. Linen and cotton look fabulous during summer. Fun board shorts that dry quickly are great for the beach. Shorts that wick sweat or have lining are dependable and comfortable.

Step 3: Choose Pockets

Shorts with pockets are often preferable to those with no pockets, especially if you plan to wear shorts when going out quickly and all you need are your keys, wallet and cellphone. Inside and back pockets are slimming as long as you don’t put too much or too bulky stuff in them. Keep this in mind when opting for cropped cargo pants.

Resist the temptation to buy shorts with side pockets when your hips are broad enough for your body. Side pockets, especially those that balloon or have pleats, add bulk to your hips, so choose them only when they are appropriate for your body shape.

Step 4: Choose the Accessories

The most common accessories on shorts are buttons and zippers. Jean buttons, snap buttons and zippers are great for keeping your shorts up and snug. They can also give character to an otherwise plain pair of shorts if they’re used for adornment.

Choosing shorts with garters on the back of your waist is a smart move. The ruching on the back caused by the garter helps your derriere look even rounder. Elastics on the bottom of the shorts look good on those who have full legs.

Step 5: Choose the Color

Shorts often come with basic colors that flatter your figure. Solid dark colors are slimming, so get them unless you have an inverted triangle body type. For this body type, opt for pastels and floral prints that are fun and flirty. White is a great choice for showing off tanned legs. Plaid prints are trendy and stylish.

Step 6: Try on Your Chosen Pair

Now that you’ve narrowed down your choices to one or several pairs, try them on! This is a must; shorts may look good on the display, but not on you, or vice versa. When they fit, start strutting in your shorts, sassy girl!


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