How to Exercise Less while Maintaining Weight Loss

Maintaining weight loss requires a good deal of motivation and focus. It’s typically easy to maintain weight loss through a combination of eating well and exercising, as doing only one of the two can make things more challenging. Eating well means that going to the gym on a daily basis isn’t critical. When you’re not eating junk, you have fewer fattening calories to burn off. On the other hand, working out means that you can afford yourself a treat here and there. Truly, the best weight loss maintenance plan involves both diet and exercise. However, you can maintain weight loss even if you choose to exercise less. Here’s how.

Exercise Less With Easier Workouts

Taking kickboxing classes four times a week will certainly help you shed the pounds you want to lose, but after awhile you may become bored or burnt out. Don’t worry about it–after awhile, most people want a break from strenuous physical activity. Rather than cut out physical activity completely, opt for simpler workouts. Walks are a great alternative to hard core cardiovascular workouts. You’re still reaping the health benefits of being active by taking a walk, but it’s easier on you physically and mentally. Technically, you’re burning fewer calories by walking, but you’re not any worse for it. Walks are great for weight loss–and for clearing your mind on a stressful day when going to the gym is just one more thing on your to-do list.

Count Your Calories

If you’re going to exercise less, you need to be much more mindful of what you eat. Enjoying a couple of cookies with your lunch isn’t such a big deal when you’re hitting the treadmill every day. But when you’re wanting to exercise less and still maintain your weight loss you’re going to need to make wise food choices. Aim to eat about 1,500 calories a day. Drink plenty of water and consume high-fiber meals and snacks that will keep you full throughout your day. Start keeping a food diary and track your calories. The hard truth is that you won’t be able to maintain weight loss without exercising regularly if you don’t carefully monitor your diet.

Find Other Ways to Be Active

So you’re looking to cut your exercise regimen down from five days to three days a week (or something like that). There’s nothing wrong with doing so, but try to look for other ways to be active throughout your day. Take the stairs at work instead of the elevator. Park at the far end of the parking lot when you go to the grocery store. Take the dog for a walk. You can exercise less in the traditional sense and still maintain weight loss as long as you make an effort to still be active.

Rest assured, you can maintain weight loss even if you cut down on your time doing cardiovascular workouts and strength training. Simply opt for easier workouts, count your calories and strive to be active in your day to day activities.


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