How to Enjoy Winter Clothes without the Bulk

If you are like many women, then your winter clothes probably have the tendency to be bulky. Indeed, winter is a challenging season when it comes to looking chic and stylish. When shopping for your winter wardrobe this season, opt for clothing that can help you stay warm and make you look slender and fashionable at the same time. Here are some tips to help you out.

Well-Fitting Thermal Underwear

One of the reasons why you often end up looking like a bag lady during winter is because you probably wear layers upon layers of clothing in order to stay warm. If you want to enjoy winter clothes without the bulk, you might have to skip a couple of layers. But how do you do this without turning into an icicle? The secret lies in buying the right thermal underwear. Choose thermal underwear that fits you snugly without adding any bulk to your figure. However, you should still make sure that the garment is well-insulated and well-ventilated so you can still feel warm and comfortable. When you have thermal underwear that fits like a glove, you can do without a layer of clothing or two. Another advantage of snug thermal underwear is that they can double as a girdle which flattens your body in areas such as your stomach or thighs. Needless to say, this can easily make you look slimmer in your winter clothes. 

Wool Stockings or Trousers

No matter what your body type is, you can instantly make your body look slimmer by making your legs appear longer. If you plan to wear a sweater dress or a skirt, you can minimize bulk by wearing wool stockings underneath. To maximize the slimming effect, choose wool stockings that come in black or any dark color. Wear high-heeled pumps or boots to add more length to your legs. Whether you’re going to the office or meeting a client for lunch, wool trousers can give you a professional look while still keeping you warm. Choose woolen trousers that are lined with silk for added comfort. You can also add to the slimming effect by choosing a slightly flared pair.

Choose Warm Fabrics

Another way that you can minimize the number of clothing layers you wear is to choose fabrics that give you more warmth. Choosing warmer fabrics will let you dress in fewer layers without getting cold. Wearing winter clothes that are made from cotton means that you have to pile on layer after layer before you can feel warm. Naturally, this will end up making you look bulky. Instead, invest in materials that will give you enough protection against the cold. Aside from wool, cashmere is also a good material to consider. This luxurious material resembles wool but is slightly more expensive. Cashmere is much softer and more lightweight than wool. It also won’t make your skin itch like wool sometimes does. Stock up on cashmere sweater dresses, cardigans and scarves to look slim and chic this winter.


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