How to Enjoy Boxing without Bulking Up

Boxing is a fantastic cardiovascular activity that can help to strengthen and tone muscles as well. Many women enjoy doing recreational boxing activities as a fun form of exercise.

While boxing can be an enjoyable activity, it does cause some people to worry about bulking up. As with any type of exercise, depending upon how you go through the exercising process, you can work your body into building muscle mass and putting on fat in certain ways. If you’re interested in losing weight or in simply maintaining your weight and shape while getting more fit, it’s important to exercise the right way so that your boxing training doesn’t cause you to begin to gain muscle mass and, as a result, weight.

Full Body Training

One of the benefits of cardiovascular training is that it doesn’t work any specific muscle group. Bodybuilders will tend to target one particular area of their body or even one specific muscle. They’ll work that muscle over and over with several different types of exercises. This severe and intense method of working out will bring about more extreme muscle growth, along with the general building of strength and definition.

When you do your boxing training, make sure that you do not work any one muscle too hard. For instance, if you’re practicing your punches, ensure that you do a number of different types of punches and that you refrain from doing any single exercise or weight training procedure more than a few times. Mix it up with different training options that work opposing muscles.

Low Intensity Training

High intensity training is typically also cause for the building of muscle mass. In order to decrease your chances of increasing your muscles, you may wish to ease off of the boxing training a bit. Boxing can be very high in intensity. If you tend to finish up your boxing exercise and have difficulty moving particular muscles, or if you’re especially sore and suffering from immobility issues the day after you’re training, you’re likely training at a level of intensity that may cause some gains in muscle mass. Consider shortening the duration of time that you do your boxing training, and splitting it up over several different days throughout the week.

Proper Diet

Another good way to enjoy boxing without causing your muscles to bulk up is to ensure that your diet is not encouraging this to happen. Diets that are especially high in proteins will tend to cause weakened muscles to replenish themselves faster. When this occurs, they tend to gain muscle mass. However, it’s important that you also not completely limit protein from your diet; this can lead to a host of other much more serious health problems. Instead, eat a well balanced diet that is especially rich in fruits, vegetables and complex carbohydrates.

For more information about how your muscles develop and how to avoid bulking up, speak with a doctor or a personal trainer.


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