How to Enhance Your Zumba Dance Routine for Extra Weight Loss

Zumba is a method of dance that offers a whole body experience. While it’s basic rhythm is Latin, it uses a variety of dance styles from all over the world. Dance is effective for both sculpting and cardio. Zumba workouts have a bit of adaption to offer everyone (no matter their level of dance skill) the ability to benefit from a Zumba Workout.

Since Zumba combines moves from a number of different style and regions around the world, your skill level can be beginner, intermediate or advanced. You will find a move you can do and be encouraged to work on the moves you aren’t familiar with. Don’t be afraid to ask for assistance from the instructor, and always practice at home with a partner for tons of fun. Consider taking a Zumba class with your spouse or partner to liven up your time together and get fit at the same time.

Advanced Moves

Because Zumba is based on various types of dance, you can always learn more of the dance movements and thus enhance your routine. If you like one dance style more than the others, take a class in that style to learn more of the moves you’ll able to master and work into your routine. Add your spouse or partner to the class roster, and you have a built-in date night and workout all in one.

Interval Training

By nature, Zumba offers an interval experience, but you can change up the intervals and timing of them to increase your level of heart rate and cardio. Instead of doing the usual five minutes of each move, do ten minutes of each. You can also increase the length of time you do your favorite moves and decrease the length of time you do your least favorite moves. The more you change up your intervals, the more confused your body will be. Therefore, it will continue to work hard even if you’re working out for the same amount of time overall.


With the rising popularity of Zumba based workouts, there are classes and instructors all over the world. If you’ve been working from home with a DVD, consider joining a class instead. Working out in a class tends to make you work out harder and longer than on your own. You will also have an instructor to help you with proper form and execute the dance moves correctly. Both these are essential to maximize your workout and avoid injury.

Zumba workouts are a great way to sculpt your body and get a good dose of cardio. You can achieve a full body workout in one session. Three sessions a week are recommended to see full results, but with the fun you’ll find from this style of workout, you’ll likely be booking as many classes as you can. Ask your partner or a friend to join with you for fun and fitness all at the same time. You can sneak in a date night with a partner or just share some girl time with a friend while learning the sexy moves Zumba has to offer.


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