How to Enhance Your Walks with Ankle Weights

While you may have seen ankle weights at the store before, chances are you have no idea how to use them. For best results, be sure to consult with your doctor to find out if you are healthy enough for ankle weights.

Talk to Your Doctor

The first step in using ankle weights to enhance your walks should be to talk to your doctor. While almost all doctors will support an increase in the intensity of exercise, your doctor may want to run a few specific tests to make sure that you are healthy enough to exercise with ankle weights.

Find the Right Kind of Ankle Weight

Before actually using ankle weights on your walks, it is essential that you find the right kind of ankle weights. Research has found that ankle weights, which have their weight evenly distributed over the entirety of the ankle band, are better than ones which have only a small weight attached to one spot on an ankle band. Be sure to do some research on ankle bands before settling on a final choice. Read reviews on a variety of different types of brands. Finally, when you have one or two different types of ankle weights that you think might be appropriate, check them out. Go to the business that sells them and ask if you could put them on and wear them during a lap around the store. Most legitimate companies will have no problem with this kind of request.

Start Slow

Next, when using ankle weights, be sure to start slowly and gradually increase the speed and distance that you are walking. You will likely be surprised at how a two or even one pound ankle weight can really increase the intensity of your exercise. Start by walking at a comfortable pace for around twenty minutes. Once you can do this with no problems, increase the time spent walking until you are out for around one hour. Research has found that walking for one hour can not only effectively help in the treatment and prevention of a number of health problems, but can also prevent weight gain. When you are able to easily walk for one hour, gradually increase the speed and incline of your walk. This should make it much more challenging.

Switch it Up

Finally, for best results when using ankle weights to enhance your walks, be sure to change your walking routine up on a regular basis. Don’t walk the same route every day. Walking the same route every day can not only contribute to boredom and burnout, but it can also lead to overuse injuries. For example, if you always walk up the same road that is sloped slightly to one side, you will always be overcompensating for the slope with one leg. Changing your walking path will give you something new to look forward to each day!


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