How to Enhance Your Walking Routine

Enhancing your walking routine is a great way to stay healthy and in shape. After walking every day, you may realize that you need to add a little something more to your routine. This may be due to your routine becoming too regular, or you may need to just enhance your walking routine to get more out of your workout. Whatever the case, there are ways to enhance your walking routine to get the best workout possible.

Add Dumbbells

Try adding dumbbells to your normal walking routine. This will help strengthen and stabilize many muscles and joints that you already use during your walk. Dumbbells give you quick results, they are easy to store, help raise your metabolism rate, and give you a more complete workout. Using dumbbells in your workout can also help prevent osteoporosis as well as help with the natural movement of your elbows.

Go Uphill

To add some depth to your walking routine, change up your regular path and find some hills to go up. Walking uphill will work your muscles tremendously and will give you more of a cardio workout. The great thing about walking uphill is that most of the time, you get to walk downhill. Walking downhill is a relieving reward for walking uphill and it also helps lower blood sugar levels. Low blood sugar levels may help reduce the risk of Type II diabetes.

Shape up Shoes

Shape Up shoes, such as Sketchers Shape Ups, are a great option for enhancing your walking routine because they increase your muscle activity and help improve your posture. This type of shoe is designed to help you burn more calories and reduce the pressure on your feet. Because of pressure reduction, it is easier for you to walk for longer periods of time.

Incorporate Jogging

A fun way to amplify your regular walking routine is to incorporate jogging into your workout. You can start off doing your normal routine, and then begin to jog for a block or a lap. This can be a slow jog or even a faster paced walk. You can walk a block and then run a block. If you want to make it interesting, try walking for two blocks, then jog one or vice versa. The point of this is to add some intensity to your normal routine.

Include Obstacles

Include obstacles into your walking routine. You can do this by walking for five minutes and once you reach a checkpoint, do ten lounges with each leg on a park bench or you can do walking lounges. Another option at each checkpoint is to do jumping jacks, stretches, squats, calf raises or any other workout you would like to include. The point of this is to do small workouts within your main walk. You can set checkpoints along your course and when you reach that checkpoint, you can perform your workout. You can plan this workout in advance, or if you are adventurous, you can freestyle as you go.


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