How to Dress for Bikram Yoga

Bikram yoga is an intensive and hot practice. That’s why clothing is an important aspect, which needs to be considered in advance. Check whether you have all necessary items for your class in order to make it a pleasant experience, rather than an uncomfortable activity.

Bikram yoga is a practice which usually takes 90 minutes in a room heated up to 100 degree temperature. Because of such an intensive nature of this type of yoga, wearing appropriate clothes is essential to making your practice more comfortable and effective. Here is a checklist for preparing the right outfit for your bikram yoga class:

1. Light Clothes

The clothes you put on for your class should be made of light material. Besides that, keep it to the minimum, just as if you were dressing for a hot summer day. Wear shorts and a singlet or a sports bra. It is important for your clothes not to be baggy; it will absorb the sweat and stick to your skin, distracting the movements.

Avoid wearing very long pants and sleeves. In addition, whatever you wear it should allow the teacher to see your body alignment. That’s why you can also choose tight, but elastic and fitted clothing, such as leggings and a sports bra. Regarding the fabric, select thin and breathable clothing, for instance, somethimg made of cotton.

Don’t forget to bring another set of clothes with you so that you can change after the class.

2. No Socks

As with a regular yoga class, it is recommended to stay barefoot during bikram practice. This will help you maintain the postures, without slipping on your mat.

3. Personal Yoga Mat

People attending bikram yoga classes tend to sweat intensively. Therefore, bringing your personal mat is a good idea. Clean your mat after the practice or at least once in awhile if it is washable. The mat you use should be non-sticky. You could also use a non-stick cover for it: such a cover won’t allow you to slip and slide.

4. Towels

Take at least two towels with you: one to put on the mat under your head and another one to dry yourself off during the class. Take one or two small towels to the class for wiping of the sweat; avoid doing this with your hands because they will become wet and fail you while holding postures.

5. Hair Bands and Ties

Loose hair is likely to fall into your eyes and stick to your body after it absorbs the sweat. To avoid this, tie your hair high on your head with a tie. If necessary, wear a hair band or a bandana.

Now you are ready for a bikram yoga session. Normal yogic recommendations should be considered here as well. Drink plenty of water and eat nothing during the two hours before the class. Remember to follow the recommendations and, of course, dress properly for hot yoga practice.


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