How To Do Vegan Weight Loss The Right Way

Having a vegan lifestyle and losing weight are synonymous, in most of the cases. However, you may want to lose more than a typical vegan weight loss diet will allow you. In this situation, you need to know the steps that you need to take in order to promote a more intensive weight loss.

Counting the Calories

First of all, you have to make sure that you eat fewer calories than you can burn. This is easily achieved by keeping a journal. You have to enter the food intake for the entire day, along with the number of calories. Many of the recipes you will find in cookbooks or online also contain the nutritional facts per serving. This will help you to control the calorie intake, but you can go even further and write down the fat, carbs, and protein of each food found in your diet. 

Burning the Calories

In a second journal, you need to need to write down all your daily activities. In order to facilitate this operation, you can use an online calorie calculator. Once you determine how much calories you burn, you need to correlate the results with the ones from the first journal. If the number of eaten calories exceeds the one of the burned calories, you have two options. You can either increase the duration and intensity of physical activities, or you can adjust your vegan diet so that the calorie intake decreases. 

Physical Exercises and Vegan Weight Loss

Physical exercises are suitable to all the persons who want to lose weight, and not only to vegans. The best results are obtained when performing exercises at a moderate intensity. Apart from that, physical exercises can also lower your cholesterol levels, fact that helps in the prevention of cardiovascular diseases. Any type of aerobic exercise from walk-jogging and stretching to swimming can help you to remove the extra pounds and stay healthy, as long as you perform physical activities with regularity. 

Your vegan weight loss diet also needs to be adjusted if the calorie intake is greater than needed. Following a raw food diet is often helpful, but since not everybody can follow such a diet, the typical vegan recipes might suffice. Some foods that you should not neglect include:

  • Tofu – a vegan cheese substituent that can also be added to such tofu recipes as soups and salads.
  • Avocado – a vegetable containing around 20 minerals and vitamins that promotes a better absorption of fat.
  • Grapefruits are renowned fat burning fruits that do not contain many calories.
  • Pumpkins are also low in calories and effective when used in a vegan weight loss diet.

Other Steps to Take

In order to lose the extra pounds, there are several other things that you must pay attention to:

  • Junk food must be avoided at all costs as it abounds in saturated fats; it is both unhealthy and addictive.
  • Eating habits need to be changed, too. Taking small bites and drinking a sip of water after each bite will lead to saturation earlier than expected.
  • Stress should be relieved through hobbies and other activities. When living under pressure, your body tends to accumulate more fat.

Once you find a perfect balance between your vegan weight loss diet and physical exercises, you will manage to lose the extra weight. It is important to maintain the calorie intake lower than the amount that is burned through exercise.


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