How to do the Sandbag Shoulder Lunge

Before there were sophisticated training machines, equipment, weights and weight loss programs to tone your body, there was the simple sandbag. This old piece of equipment, as simple as a duffel bag or a durable sack filled with sand, can still give you the same results as some of its more modern and expensive counterparts.. If you’re looking for a way to tone your muscles or to give yourself a cardiovascular conditioning, you can try doing the sandbag shoulder lunge.

The Right Sandbag

For this exercise, all you need is your handy sandbag. It can be as simple as a straight sack-like bag or customized with handles like the straps that you see on duffel bags. For this routine, either of the two will do. Try out the weight of the bag by carefully lifting it. When you feel like you can handle it without straining your muscles on the first try, you’ll know it’s  the right sandbag for you. You don’t want to tear a muscle on your first try.

The Routine

Lift the sandbag and place it on your shoulder. Use your adjacent arm to balance the bag. Lunge your right leg forward and then bend both your knees, kneeling with your right leg extended forward. Stand back up. Do the same lunge with the left leg forward. Do this for eight counts, four lunges to the right and four to the left. After that, you transfer the sandbag to your other shoulder and do eight another set of eight lunges. When you’re done, rest your muscles for a while before doing anything again.


The other variation to this exercise is to move forward instead of standing back up to the starting position. This way, you can mark a starting point and an end point to the extent of your lunges. After you have finished the lunges from beginning to end, you can transfer the sandbag to your other shoulder on your way back.


There may be variations to the routine, but they still yield the same result. These routines tone the muscles in your lower extremities because of the lunges and the added weight of the sandbag. In time, you will notice your improved quickness, and it also hastens your overall movement. This also increases your vertical jump. The indefinite shape of the sandbag usually takes its effect by giving you extra work when you tend to lift the sandbag. Lifting the sandbag alone already gives your upper body the workout given to you by push-ups and even the bench press. It also strengthens your shoulders. This is good for athletes who use their upper body a lot. By lengthening the distance of your lunges, you can improve your endurance. In the beginning it will be difficult for you to do a long-distance shoulder lunge, but in time you will surely feel the difference.


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