How to do the Sandbag Rotational Lunge

You usually do not need to have an expensive and bulky equipment to work out and tone your muscles; sometimes, a homemade sandbag will do. Yes, it may just be a bag full of sand, but it is a good alternative to traditional weights and workout equipment. Using atypical objects such as a sandbag in our workouts is sometimes forgotten, as conventional training methods are advertised through mass media. However, you can do lots of exercises using a sandbag, which can give you excellent results. One of those exercises is called the sandbag rotational lunge.

A sandbag can be bought at any fitness or sporting goods store. You can also use a duffel bag filled with sand. Be sure that you can carry the load of your sandbag. The idea is that you can carry the sandbag in any direction without straining yourself. You can even customize your sandbag with handles.

Lift and Rotation

Lift the sandbag all the way up with your left arm passing above your head, and place it on your back just below the shoulder area. This is just like when you are wearing a coat without putting the sleeves on. You might notice that your body will make a slight bend to the right as you lift the sandbag.

The Lunge

Whenever you lift the sandbag while turning to the right, put your left foot forward as you bend both knees just like the way you kneel. Then stand up straight again.

Do the Other Side

Lower the sandbag the same way you did in lifting it to your back. Lift it all over again, but this time to the other direction. As your right arm passes above your head, your torso then makes a slight bend to the left. Lunge forward by stepping your right foot forward as you bend your knees. Do this for 16 counts: eight times to the right and eight times to the left. You can rest your muscles for a while, then repeat the workout from the start.

The Benefits

Unlike the common weights that you can see in the market which have proportional and definite shapes, the sandbag does not have one. Thus, your body usually takes an extra effort to conform to its design and shape. This routine works on your abdominal area and chest muscles as you turn your body around. It works your biceps, triceps and shoulder muscles as you lift the sandbag up. It works your leg muscles as you lunge forward. This workout is very good for toning your upper body, especially your abdominal and chest areas, giving you a firmer and bolder torso. It also works on your body movements and muscle control as you turn your body by lifting the sandbag and lunging forward. If you want a total body workout to tone your muscles to the core or just to condition your whole body, then doing the sandbag rotational lunge is the best workout for you to start with.

First, be sure that you can carry the load of a sandbag.

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