How to do the Sandbag Get-up

The sandbag exercises, like the Sandbag Get Up, allow you to break the routine of a regular gym workout or start a new exercise regimen with an excellent full body workout. These exercises challenge your body to use muscles that are often overlooked and offer a much more complete core workout than the average weight lifting session.

The weight of the sandbag and its unwieldy size and shape provide the opportunity for physical benefit. It forces your body to use a variety of muscle groups that are not as well addressed with conventional weightlifting. This type of exercise allows you to increase your overall strength and endurance. It will primarily strengthen your stomach and hip muscles, but it will also help you develop arm and grip strength. Another added benefit is that this is an excellent core training exercise. Mastery provides a stronger, more solid body with increased stability.

Sandbag Get Up

When preparing to perform the Sandbag Get up, begin by ensuring that you have enough room to complete the exercise safely. If you are not exercising outside, you will probably prefer to use a yoga or exercise mat for comfort.

  1. Lay down on the mat with the sandbag over one shoulder, gripping it tightly with the corresponding hand.
  2. Raise your knee – on the same side of your body as the shoulder holding the sandbag.
  3. Fully extend your other arm and leg out flat on the mat or floor.
  4. Using your other arm: push up from the floor and sit up (this will probably cause your legs to come off the floor).
  5. You should now be in a three-point position: your sandbag leg bent with your foot on the floor holding the majority of your weight, and your other leg and arm extended for balance – like a tripod.
  6. Bend the extended leg back underneath you until you are kneeling on that knee – still supported by your free arm and your opposite foot.
  7. Raise your body until your back is straight and rest your free hand on your stomach.
  8. Stand straight up.
  9. Return to your original position by doing the steps in reverse order – ensuring to use your knee and arm to lower yourself carefully back down onto the mat.

You may want to do consecutive repetitions on the same shoulder, or you may switch each time. Switching each time will burn more calories and use more muscles more often.

How Many?

The number of times you should perform this exercise depends upon your current physical condition, your exercise or body-shaping goals, and the amount of weight in your sandbag. Completing five Sandbag Get Ups for each shoulder will provide a challenging workout, but doing fewer when beginning will still help burn fat and increase strength and stamina.


Always consult a doctor before beginning any new exercise routine. Ensure to warm-up with a brisk walk or any low-impact aerobic exercises before beginning your sandbag exercises. You may want to start performing with a smaller amount of sand in the sandbag if you are new to working out. Add more weight as your strength increases.


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