How to Do the Medicine Ball Lateral Flexion with Stability Ball

Using a medicine ball in many exercise routines can be a great method of adding resistance to your exercise, or mimic a movement you may be training for, such as in sports. You can incorporate medicine ball exercises into training which works muscles that don’t often get worked as much, such as the oblique muscle. Lateral flexion is an exercise that can be done with both a medicine ball and a stability ball to work your oblique muscle.

Before You Begin

Before performing any medicine ball exercises, there are a few things to keep in mind. Make sure to warm up thoroughly before beginning your exercise. Exercise in an area which has plenty of room so as to not injure yourself or damage objects around you. Medicine ball training is a form of power exercise, so make sure you are well rested before training with a medicine ball. Finally, make sure that you use a medicine ball that weighs enough so you will not be slowed down.

Performing the Lateral Flexion

Performing the lateral flexion with a medicine ball and stability ball is a simple straightforward process. There are 2 specific variants that you can choose from. Choose whichever version works best for you.

Variant #1

Begin by lying on the stability ball with your hip against the top and your feet on the floor. If you have trouble keeping yourself stable, spread apart your feet. You can always close them once you’ve managed to stabilize yourself. If needed, you can place your feet against a wall.

Hold onto the medicine ball at chest level between both hands. Lift your entire torso upwards. This flexes your torso muscle while at the same time contracts your oblique. Return to your original position and repeat as many times as desired.

Once you finish a set, you will need to perform it by lying on your other side to work the muscles on both sides of your body.

Variant #2

This variant begins similar to the first. Lay your hip against the stability ball and hang your body on either side of the ball. Spread your feet apart until you can stabilize yourself.

With this variant, you will raise the medicine ball over your head. Raise your torso up as you curl your body towards the ceiling. Move your body back to a rest position on the stability ball and repeat as many reps as needed. After your set is completed, do the same with the other side of your body.

By performing the lateral flexion regularly, you can give your oblique muscle a workout it may not otherwise receive. Using the stability ball as a tool for performing the exercise, and the medicine ball to add a little resistance to your workout, this exercise can help you to tone your body and get you more fit.


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