How to Do Affordable Vegan Cooking for One

Vegan cooking for one doesn’t have to be a chore. There are plenty of delicious vegetarian and vegan recipes available to make your meals enjoyable and budget friendly. Whether you prefer grilling, sautéing, baking or broiling, there are meals available to suit your needs. Follow these steps to learn how to save money while cooking your own tasty vegan meals.

Step 1: Find Recipes

You can find vegan recipes that are inexpensive to make in cookbooks or online. When you’ve found a recipe you would like to try, write down the ingredients. If you can’t find any vegan meals that suit your taste, try looking for vegetarian meals and modifying them. Substituting olive oil for butter or leaving out the cheese can turn a delicious vegetarian meal into a vegan one that’s just as good.

Step 2: Look for Coupons and Sales

The free coupons that come with your newspaper can help you save money on the ingredients you need for your meals. Also look to see if any local groceries are having sales on the items you want. Coupon clipping and sale shopping can save you a lot of money every year.

Step 3: Buy Ingredients

When buying ingredients for your meals, there are still more tips to save money even after coupons and sales. The first is to buy in bulk. Stores such as Costco can be great options to stock your refrigerator for weeks at a time. However, be careful not to let food go to waste, as wasted food is wasted money. You can always freeze extra food and eat it later. The second money saving tip is to buy frozen fruits and vegetables rather than fresh. Pound for pound, frozen produce can be significantly cheaper than its fresh counterparts (and still contains all the important nutrients you would get in fresh produce).

Step 4: Cook Your Meal

Follow the recipe you’ve chosen and enjoy! Congratulations, you’ve just made a tasty vegan meal at what was hopefully a budget conscious price.

Step 5: Save Leftovers

There’s one last money saving tip that you should follow after your meal is done. Take any leftovers and store them in your refrigerator to eat later. You don’t have to eat them as they are if you don’t usually find leftovers appealing; just use your creativity to change it up a bit. The remains of a baked potato can be whipped with margarine and garlic for some garlic mashed potatoes, for example. Turning one meal into multiple meals will save you money by reducing waste.

By following these steps, you will be able to make and enjoy budget and diet friendly vegan meals while saving money by shopping conscientiously and minimizing waste.


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