How to Diet while Taking Depression Medication

If you are currently suffering from depression, chances are that you have also seen a change in your current eating habits. These changes can vary quite a bit–you may be eating quite a bit more food, while other people who suffer from depression may have lost their appetites. If you have been diagnosed with depression and are currently on medications, there are some specific recommendations you must keep in mind in order to get your weight back on track.

Talk with Your Doctor

If you are currently taking depression medication and are interested in starting a diet, it is very important that you talk with your doctor, nurse, or health care provider before making any drastic changes. A doctor can make recommendations on particular foods that may help you in your quest to lose weight, and can also provide information about food and drug interactions. Grapefruit, for example, is a type of food that you may be considering for your diet. Grapefruit is great because it not only is low in calories, but also contains high amounts of dietary fiber–which is important because it helps to keep you feeling full for a longer period of time. However, while grapefruit may be great for your diet, research has found that it may decrease the effectiveness of some medications. Your doctor may be able to tell you about other food and drug interactions that you should avoid when dieting.

Keep a Journal

Keeping a journal is another great way to lose weight while taking depression medication. When keeping a journal, be sure to write down not only what you eat each day, but also how you feel before, during, and after the meal, and your current weight. After a week or so of keeping the journal, review your entries. You may begin to notice a trend. For example, you may overeat when you are feeling down, thereby sabotaging all of your hard work. Once you begin to recognize these trends, you can take the steps necessary to make their occurrence less and less frequent.

Follow the Food Guide Pyramid

Finally, if you are currently taking depression medication and are interested in dieting, it is important to follow the recommendations in the food guide pyramid. According to the USDA, who publishes the food guide pyramid, you should eat between 6 and 11 servings of whole grains per day, along with 2 to 3 servings of fruits, dairy, and lean meats, and 3 to 4 servings of vegetables. Following the food guide pyramid will not only ensure that your diet is rich in vitamins, minerals, and whole grains, but it will also result in decreased fat and calories in your diet. If you are looking for more guidance in the types of foods you should be choosing, you may want to consult with a registered dietitian. An RD can give you a weekly menu with great options to help you lose weight fast.



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