How to Design a Workout that Will Maintain Your Weight

It’s not easy to maintain weight loss. Many dieters succeed in reaching their weight loss goals, only to regain the weight later. To maintain your healthy body weight, you’ll need to keep working out even after you’ve reached your weight loss goal. Here’s how you can design a workout that will help you maintain a healthy body weight.

Determine How Much Exercise You Need

It can be difficult to decide how much exercise you need to maintain your new healthy weight. In addition to eating a healthy diet that includes no more calories than you actually need each day, medical professionals believe that you should burn about 2500 calories through exercise a week. That means you’ll need to exercise for about an hour a day. The good new is that most of that exercise need only be of moderate intensity; taking a walk for 30 to 40 minutes a day is a great way to start.

Strength Training Can Help You Maintain a Healthy Body Weight

Strength training is a great way to maintain a healthy body weight once you’ve reached your weight loss goals. Not only does strength training burn calories and boost metabolism, it also improves balance, coordination, strength and stamina, so that you’ll be more likely and more able to enjoy strenuous aerobic workouts like jogging and swimming. Strength training also helps rebuild your muscles, since many people lose muscle tissue while dieting. Experts recommend limiting your strength training sessions to two or three times a week; leave yourself a day or two between sessions so that your muscles have time to recover.

Stay Motivated

To stay motivated to maintain your healthy body weight, choose physical activities that you enjoy, like dancing, skiing, swimming, cycling or even walking the dog. You’ll be more likely to continue exercising with discipline and dedication if you’re performing activities that make you happy, because the physical activity won’t seem like a chore.

Do a range of different physical activities to stave off boredom; doing the same exact workout every day will quickly become tiresome in more ways than one. Increase the intensity of your physical activity as it becomes easier for you.

Social support can be as helpful to weight maintenance as it is to weight loss. Encourage friends, relatives and neighbors to get active with you, or join a local class or gym to find like minded workout partners. Even playing outside with your children counts as moderate physical exercise.

Remember, You Don’t Need to Go to the Gym to Burn Calories

Even when you’re not performing a physical activity for the express purpose of maintaining your weight, you can still burn calories. Yard work, housework, shopping and even climbing the stairs in your home can burn a lot of calories. If you’re having trouble finding time to exercise, don’t despair. Raking leaves, mowing the lawn, mopping floors, vacuuming and washing the car are all physical activities that burn calories. 



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