How to Decide if Weight Loss Support Groups are for You

Are you trying to lose weight and trying to decide if you should join one of those weight loss support groups? There is no hard and fast answer to that question, because it really depends on each particular person and their situation. For some people, a support group is absolutely the best thing they can do in order to overcome weight loss challenges, and for some, it is just not a good fit.

Dieting Alone

Are you dieting alone? You don’t have to live alone to be dieting alone. Even if you have a large family, if no other members of your household are dieting, you are still essentially dieting alone. Even though your family members may support you and your goals, it is helpful to know that you have someone to share your weight loss struggles with, who is probably going through the same thing. The other members of weight loss support groups will be able to empathize with you, because they will be facing similar challenges.

Making New Friends

Do you have friends who are currently living a healthy lifestyle and will still be around when you reach your weight-loss goals? Weight loss support groups can be an asset in helping you make long-term friends who have similar weight loss and fitness goals. Not only can these friends help keep you from dieting alone, but they are critical after you reach your ultimate goal. For instance, your current circle of friends may have socialized in ways that did not help you in your weight loss, maybe by serving lots of junk foods or participating in sedentary social activities.

By being in a weight loss support group, you can make friends who will be living the same lifestyle you are, and will likely want to participate in social activities that involve healthier choices. Friendships that are forged through a connection such as this are often very positive relationships, where both parties gain support and camaraderie.


Are you a person who has difficulty remaining motivated? Weight loss support groups can assist you in maintaining your motivation while trying to lose weight. In addition to having the support and motivation of the other members, it can also be very motivating to see the success of other members who are trying to lose weight. By witnessing their achievements, you see that weight loss can certainly be accomplished. This realization can spur you on to continue your weight loss and fitness goals, knowing that you can also be successful.


Do you need accountability in order to help keep you on track? Weight loss support groups help keep their members on track by holding them accountable, both to themselves and to each other. It is much easier to stray from your diet plan or your exercise goals if you are not held accountable. By having regular meetings, your progress or lack thereof is confirmed by the other members of the group. Over time, you will want to achieve more because you know that your peers will be seeing you succeed.


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