How to Cut Calories by Substituting with Enova Oil

Enova oil is an oil that is made from a combination of soy and canola oil. While it was originally started in Japan, it is growing in popularity around the world due to its ability to be rapidly digested and excreted from the body, with little of it being stored as fat. This makes it very popular both for people who are trying to lose weight, as well as those who are simply health conscious. This article discusses ways that Enova oil can be used to cut calories in your diet.

Use Enova Oil Instead of Butter

Using Enova oil instead of butter is one of the best ways that you can cut calories out of your diet. While Enova and regular oils still contain relatively the same amount of calories per tablespoon, you typically use much less oil than you would butter–and therefore will be consuming substantially fewer calories. Instead of buttering your bread and toast, you may want to consider simply dipping your bread into a bowl of Enova oil. Add a little bit of chopped basil, rosemary or thyme to add great flavor.

Use Enova Oil as a Salad Dressing

Traditional salad dressings are not only loaded with calories, but typically contain tons of saturated fats, which research has found to be linked to the development of cardiovascular disease, stroke and some types of cancers. Instead of using the traditional salad dressing, why not use Enova oil to make a healthier alternative? Combine equal parts balsamic vinaigrette with Enova oil, and combine. Add a small amount of the herbs of your choice, along with fresh ground black pepper. Pour the dressing over fresh salad greens and vegetables, and enjoy. The taste is so great, you won’t want to go back to regular dressing!

Use Enova Oil When Baking

Using Enova oil in cookies, cakes, pies and bars is another great way to cut calories in your diet. As discussed above, Enova oil typically contains the same amount of calories as butter and as traditional cooking oils. But, due to the texture and chemical makeup of Enova oil, you don’t need to use as much in order to get the same results. Typically, a ratio of approximately 2/3 of Enova oil in place of the vegetable oil or shortening called for in the recipe will suffice. While it may take some experimentation to find the right ratio of Enova oil per recipe, the reduced amount of calories should be enough to keep you searching!

Use Enova Oil in Sauces

Finally, Enova oil can be used in place of traditional gravies, alfredo sauces and other sauces that are often loaded with high amounts of both fat and calories. As discussed above, it is important to find the right ratio of Enova oil in order to make the recipe a success. But, these sauces will be so low in calories that you will be willing to try them over and over again…and chances are, your family will love the results!


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